A basic plugin for WolfCMS which allows the rendering of Latex commands
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A basic pluging which permits the rendering of Latex commands in Wolf 
CMS posts/articles. The Wolf CMS system can be downloaded from its website
at http://www.wolfcms.org. It is a mainly PHP-based content management system
which is easy to install, configure and maintain and offers lots of plugins.

After installing into your Wolf-CMS plugins subfolder,the plugin folder for this
plugin *MUST HAVE* the name 'latexrender', so rename after git-cloning. Also make
*sure* that both the tmp and pictures folders inside the latexrender folder are
readable and writable by the user running your webserver!

When loading the plugin inside the Wolf-CMS system in the Administration section
make *sure* that in the Latexrender Settings dialog the paths point to the correct
locations AND that the absolute paths for TMP and PICTURES have no trailing slash!

In your html code, simply bracket the Latex code within [tex] LATEX CODE HERE 
[/tex] and the code is being converted into an image and inserted into 
the post.

Then, you need to go to your Layout tab in WolfCMS and add the following line
just after your <body> tag:

<?php load_latexrender(); ?>

In order to make the plugin work, you must filter the content() methods 
of the article classes using an installed static method in the Class 
Latex. Example, in your Layout file, change:

1) <?php echo $article->content(); ?>


2) <?php echo Latex:latex_content($article->content()); ?>

If you wish to apply the filter to other parts of your Wolf CMS website, 
such as the Comments, you would have to use the static filter function
in the appropriate places in the source code.

This plugin is based on the vanilla php code for Latex Rendering 
available at http://www.mayer.dial.pipex.com/tex.htm and has been 
slightly tweaked to work with Wolf CMS. In order for this to work,
you must have Latex, Ghostscript, dvips, ImageMagick installed.
You can further tweak options by accessing the class.LatexRender.php