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;;; sunrise-x-w32-addons --- MS-Windows-specific utilities for the Sunrise Commander File Manager -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 José Alfredo Romero Latouche.
;; Author: José Alfredo Romero L. <>
;; Štěpán Němec <>
;; Maintainer: José Alfredo Romero L. <>
;; Created: 14 May 2011
;; Version: 1
;; RCS Version: $Rev: 456 $
;; Keywords: sunrise commander, w32, ms windows
;; URL:
;; Compatibility: GNU Emacs 23+
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
;; the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
;; Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
;; version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
;; FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more de-
;; tails.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
;; this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This extension implements a listing of all Windows drives and special folders
;; inside the Sunrise Commander, as well as support for *.lnk shortcuts for all
;; file system operations inside Sunrise. Only standard Windows shortcuts are
;; currently supported.
;; *WARNING!* this extension is targeted at Emacs ports that run directly on the
;; Windows file system (like EmacsW32 and... are there any others?) if yours is
;; running on top of some simulation layer (like Cygwin does) that maps the file
;; system this code is of no use to you.
;; It was developed on EmacsW32 (version, patched) for Windows, during
;; the Hackergarten session at the GeeCon 2011 conference in Cracow. Thanks go
;; to Andreas Ames for beta-testing this code.
;;; Installation:
;; (These are generic installation instructions -- if you installed via ELPA you
;; don't need to follow them).
;; 1) Put this file somewhere in your Emacs `load-path'.
;; 2) Add a (require 'sunrise‐x‐w32-addons) expression to your .emacs file after
;; the (require 'sunrise‐commander) one.
;; 3) Evaluate the new expression, or reload your .emacs file, or restart Emacs.
;;; Usage:
;; * The "Windows Drives and Special Folders" pane can be accessed in two ways:
;; 1) by pressing "C-c w" anywhere in the file system, or
;; 2) by navigating "up" (J) from a top-level directory in any drive or network
;; share.
;; * Windows shortcuts are resolved automatically and, as long as a shortcut can
;; be resolved to an existing file, all operations (*INCLUDING DELETION!!!*) are
;; performed directly on that file. If you want to operate on shortcuts you must
;; first disable shortcut resolution by customizing the
;; `sr-w32-follow-shortcuts' flag and setting it to false.
;; * Virtual directories (i.e. directories containing a "target.lnk" shortcut to
;; another directory) are also dereferenced automatically. If you need to modify
;; the properties (Desktop.ini) of such a folder use the
;; `sr-w32-follow-shortcuts' flag as described above.
;; * Use Shift-W to copy the full paths of all marked files and dirs to the kill
;; ring in windows-compatible form (i.e. using backslash as the file separator).
;; Enjoy ;-)
;;; Code:
(require 'sunrise-commander)
(defcustom sr-w32-follow-shortcuts t
"Controls the shortcut resolution mechanism.
When set, all operations executed on a Windows shortcut directly
affect the target of the shortcut."
:group 'sunrise
:type 'boolean)
(defvar sr-w32-local-map (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(set-keymap-parent map sr-virtual-mode-map)
(define-key map "s" 'ignore)
(define-key map "r" 'ignore)
(define-key map "l" 'ignore)
(define-key map "d" 'ignore)
"Local keymap used inside the \"Windows Drives and Special Folders\" pane.")
(define-key sr-mode-map "\C-cw" 'sr-w32-virtual-entries)
(define-key sr-mode-map "\S-w" 'sr-w32-copy-paths-as-kill)
(defadvice sr-dired-prev-subdir
(around sr-w32-advice-sr-dired-prev-subdir (&optional count))
"Bring up the drivers pane when navigating up from a topmost directory."
(if (sr-equal-dirs default-directory (expand-file-name ".."))
(ad-activate 'sr-dired-prev-subdir)
(defadvice sr-find-file
(before sr-w32-advice-sr-find-file (filename &optional wildcards))
"Implement virtual folder resolution on Windows."
(when sr-w32-follow-shortcuts
(let ((info) (target (format "%s/target.lnk" filename)))
(if (file-readable-p target)
(setq info (sr-w32-resolve-lnk target)))
(if (< 0 (length info))
(setq filename info)))))
(ad-activate 'sr-find-file)
(defadvice dired-get-filename
(after sr-w32-advice-dired-get-filename (&optional LOCALP NO-ERROR))
"Implement standard Windows shortcut resolution."
(when sr-w32-follow-shortcuts
(let ((filename (or ad-return-value "")))
(if (string-match "\\.lnk\\'" filename)
(setq filename (sr-w32-resolve-lnk filename)))
(if (< 0 (length filename))
(setq ad-return-value filename)))))
(ad-activate 'dired-get-filename)
(defun sr-w32-goto-dir (dir)
"`sr-goto-dir' replacement for the \"Windows Drives and Special Folders\" pane."
(let ((sr-goto-dir-function nil))
(if (not (sr-equal-dirs dir default-directory))
(sr-goto-dir dir)
(defun sr-w32-resolve-lnk (link)
"Use the provided VBScript script to resolve standard Windows shortcuts."
(let* ((script (sr-w32-create-drivers-script))
(command (format "cscript /nologo \"%s\" /l \"%s\"" script link))
(info (shell-command-to-string command))
(info (replace-regexp-in-string "\\\\" "/" info))
(info (replace-regexp-in-string "\n" "" info)))
(if (file-exists-p info) info link)))
(defun sr-w32-virtual-entries(&optional _ignore-auto _no-confirm)
"Build a Sunrise pane containing all the Windows drives currently ready.
Also includes some selected special folders."
(let* ((script (sr-w32-create-drivers-script))
(command (format "cscript /nologo \"%s\"" script))
(info (car (read-from-string (sr-w32-execute-command command)))))
(generate-new-buffer-name "*W32 Drives & Folders*"))
(insert "Windows Drives and Special Folders: \n")
(insert "- \n") (sr-w32-entry-overlay (- (point) 3) (1- (point)))
(sr-w32-display-drives info)
(insert "- \n") (sr-w32-entry-overlay (- (point) 3) (1- (point)))
(sr-w32-display-folders info)
(mapc 'make-local-variable '( revert-buffer-function
(setq revert-buffer-function 'sr-w32-virtual-entries
sr-goto-dir-function 'sr-w32-goto-dir)
(use-local-map sr-w32-local-map)))
(defun sr-w32-execute-command (command)
"Safely execute the given shell command and return its output as a string."
(condition-case nil
(shell-command-to-string command)
(sr-goto-dir "~")
(shell-command-to-string command)))))
(defun sr-w32-display-drives (info)
"Insert a list of all currently ready Windows drives into the current pane."
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(dolist (drive (cdr (assoc 'drives info)))
(insert (format "drwxrwxrwx 0 x x 0 0000-00-00 %s:/\n" drive))
(defun sr-w32-mask-drive ()
"Remove unnecesary information from the listing of a drive."
(forward-line -1)
(sr-w32-entry-overlay (point) (+ 30 (point)))))
(defun sr-w32-display-folders (info)
"Insert a list of Windows special folders into the current pane."
(dolist (folder (cdr (assoc 'folders info)))
(when (and (< 0 (length folder)) (file-directory-p folder))
(insert (format "drwxrwxrwx 0 x x 0 0000-00-00 %s\n" folder))
(defun sr-w32-mask-folder ()
"Remove unnecesary details from the listing of a special folder."
(forward-line -1)
(search-backward "/")
(sr-w32-entry-overlay (1+ (point)) (point-at-bol))))
(defun sr-w32-entry-overlay (start end)
"Create an invisible, tangible overlay from start to end."
(let ((overlay (make-overlay start end)))
(overlay-put overlay 'invisible t)
(overlay-put overlay 'before-string " ")))
(defun sr-w32-create-drivers-script ()
"Return the path of the VBScript file used for Windows-specific operations.
Creates it first if necessary."
(let* ((script-name "sunrise-x-w32-addons.vbs")
(script-dir (file-name-directory (symbol-file 'sunrise-x-w32-addons)))
(script-path (concat script-dir script-name)))
(unless (file-exists-p script-path)
(insert "Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
If objArgs.Count = 0 Then
If objArgs(0) = \"/l\" Then
End If
End If
Function info()
Dim filesys, drv, drvcoll, w32info, shell, folder
Dim folders(7)
folders(0) = \"Desktop\"
folders(1) = \"Programs\"
folders(2) = \"MyDocuments\"
folders(3) = \"Favorites\"
folders(4) = \"PrintHood\"
folders(5) = \"NetHood\"
folders(6) = \"AllUsersDesktop\"
folders(7) = \"AllUsersPrograms\"
Set filesys = CreateObject(\"Scripting.FileSystemObject\")
Set drvcoll = filesys.Drives
w32info = \"((drives . (\"
For Each drv in drvcoll
If drv.IsReady Then
w32info = w32info & \"\"\"\" & drv.DriveLetter & \"\"\" \"
End If
w32info = w32info & \")) (folders . (\"
Set shell = CreateObject(\"WScript.Shell\")
For Each folder in folders
folder = Replace(shell.SpecialFolders(folder), \"\\\", \"/\")
w32info = w32info & \"\"\"\" & folder & \"\"\" \"
w32info = w32info & \")))\"
Wscript.Echo w32info
End Function
Function resolve_lnk(linkFile)
Set link = WScript.CreateObject(\"WScript.Shell\").CreateShortcut(linkFile)
WScript.Echo link.TargetPath
End Function")
(write-file script-path)))
(defun sr-w32-copy-paths-as-kill ()
"Copy windows paths of marked (or next ARG) files into the kill ring.
In all paths copied slash characters are replaced with backslashes.
The names are separated by a space."
(let* ((unix (dired-get-marked-files))
(winz (mapcar (lambda (x) (replace-regexp-in-string "/" "\\\\" x)) unix))
(string (mapconcat #'identity winz " ")))
(kill-new string t)
(message "%s" string)))
(defun sunrise-x-w32-addons-unload-function ()
(sr-ad-disable "^sr-w32-"))
(provide 'sunrise-x-w32-addons)
;;;###autoload (eval-after-load 'sunrise-commander '(sr-extend-with 'sunrise-x-w32-addons))
;;; sunrise-x-w32-addons.el ends here