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=Bugfix: fixed error when cloning files to a pane in Tree mode.

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1 parent c652a7f commit 6b389237d0947ff4c04ad555fd8d0f1222d66424 @escherdragon committed Mar 25, 2012
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11 sunrise-commander.el
@@ -2735,13 +2735,14 @@ are not copied."
(inhibit-read-only t))
(with-current-buffer (sr-other 'buffer)
(sr-clone-files items target clone-op progress))
- (if (window-live-p (sr-other 'window))
- (sr-in-other
- (progn
- (revert-buffer)
+ (when (window-live-p (sr-other 'window))
+ (sr-in-other
+ (progn
+ (revert-buffer)
+ (when (memq major-mode '(sr-mode sr-virtual-mode))
(mapcar (lambda (x) (cons (expand-file-name x) mark-char)) names))
- (sr-focus-filename (car names)))))))
+ (sr-focus-filename (car names))))))))
(defun sr-clone-files (file-paths target-dir clone-op progress &optional do-overwrite)
"Clone all files in FILE-PATHS to TARGET-DIR using CLONE-OP to clone the files.

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