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Commits on Jun 17, 2011
  1. @stepnem

    =Refill commentary sections with left justification.

    stepnem committed with
    Other than being somewhat inconvenient to maintain, full justification
    produces a lot of diff noise even when making trivial changes.
    Fix a few `symbols' and Capitals when at it. No content changes.
  2. @stepnem

    =Unperiodify first and last lines.

    stepnem committed with
    Cf. just about any Elisp library out there.
  3. @stepnem

    =Conventionalise the `Keywords' library header.

    stepnem committed with
    The main purpose of the header is to be used with commands like
    `finder-by-keyword', it is thus crucial that it includes at least one
    keyword actually recognised by Emacs.
    Make it so the main library (sunrise-commander.el) is reachable through
    standard keywords (`files', `dired'), the extension libraries are
    reachable through `sunrise commander'.
    In recent GNU Emacs, keywords can include spaces, so using comma as
    separator is the better option.
    Reference: (info "(elisp)Library Headers") [= Emacs Lisp Reference
    Manual, section D.8]
  4. @stepnem

    =Documentation string and typo fixes.

    stepnem committed with
    Make docstrings conformant to usual conventions (cf. Appendix D of the
    Elisp manual), including:
      - use the \\<keymap>\\[binding] trick to reflect actual key bindings
        instead of hardcoding them
      - put function arguments in docstrings in ALL CAPS
      - put symbols inside `quotes' to linkify properly
    Other changes:
    - move `defadvice' comments into proper docstrings
    - second argument to `make-obsolete' shouldn't start with a capital
    - unify errors and messages (no period for single-line messages, no
      redundant "ERROR" at the beginning)
    - unify capitalisation (Emacs, Isearch, Dired, Sunrise)
    - fix some typos, wording, language issues
    - occasional whitespace cleanup (not systematically to avoid
      unnecessary diff noise)
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