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Commits on Jun 23, 2011
  1. @stepnem

    -x-loop, x-mirror: Don't use `eval-when-compile' to require `sunrise-…

    stepnem committed
    There doesn't seem to be any reason for it. Both packages need `sunrise' at
    runtime anyway and there's no cyclic dependency.
  2. @stepnem

    +Sanitise the x-loop extension for clean unloading.

    stepnem committed
    Rationale and procedure similar to the popviewer extension (cf. cdb06d5), but
    without defining a minor mode -- the functionality is a superset of the basic
    one, so there should normally be no need to toggle it.
  3. @stepnem

    +x-loop: Fix the `y-or-n-p' advice for Emacs 24.

    stepnem committed
    The function now accepts variable number of arguments. Avoid explicitly
    listing the arguments in the advice, it is not needed here anyway.
Commits on Jun 17, 2011
  1. @stepnem

    =Refill commentary sections with left justification.

    stepnem committed with
    Other than being somewhat inconvenient to maintain, full justification
    produces a lot of diff noise even when making trivial changes.
    Fix a few `symbols' and Capitals when at it. No content changes.
  2. @stepnem

    =Unperiodify first and last lines.

    stepnem committed with
    Cf. just about any Elisp library out there.
  3. @stepnem

    =Conventionalise the `Keywords' library header.

    stepnem committed with
    The main purpose of the header is to be used with commands like
    `finder-by-keyword', it is thus crucial that it includes at least one
    keyword actually recognised by Emacs.
    Make it so the main library (sunrise-commander.el) is reachable through
    standard keywords (`files', `dired'), the extension libraries are
    reachable through `sunrise commander'.
    In recent GNU Emacs, keywords can include spaces, so using comma as
    separator is the better option.
    Reference: (info "(elisp)Library Headers") [= Emacs Lisp Reference
    Manual, section D.8]
  4. @stepnem

    =Documentation string and typo fixes.

    stepnem committed with
    Make docstrings conformant to usual conventions (cf. Appendix D of the
    Elisp manual), including:
      - use the \\<keymap>\\[binding] trick to reflect actual key bindings
        instead of hardcoding them
      - put function arguments in docstrings in ALL CAPS
      - put symbols inside `quotes' to linkify properly
    Other changes:
    - move `defadvice' comments into proper docstrings
    - second argument to `make-obsolete' shouldn't start with a capital
    - unify errors and messages (no period for single-line messages, no
      redundant "ERROR" at the beginning)
    - unify capitalisation (Emacs, Isearch, Dired, Sunrise)
    - fix some typos, wording, language issues
    - occasional whitespace cleanup (not systematically to avoid
      unnecessary diff noise)
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