quitting sunrise with sr-quit always buries current buffer #13

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I really enjoy working with sunrise, but whenever I quit sunrise with F10 or q the buffer I was working in is buried. I don't understand the last line expression (bury-buffer) in the sr-quit function after the prior window configuration was restored?



Very often while editing a file I bring up sunrise (with sunrise or sunrise-cd) in order to copy or move some files or copy a filename (dired-copy-filename-as-kill) but not to visit another file. After quitting sunrise everything is fine except the buffer with the file I was working on is buried.

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I use Emacs 24.2 on Debian Linux and on Windows and obtain Sunrise Commander via ELPA and the melpa repository (http://melpa.milkbox.net/packages). I did not realize that with the melpa package all extensions are included, autoloaded and enabled. After setting sr-popviewer-enabled to nil in my init file, the problem vanished, even if I switch sr-popviewer-mode on later.



Ok. I installed SC from http://joseito.republika.pl/sunrise-commander and it worked as it is supposed to work. Then I installed the popviewer extension and it worked as well, but when I added the sunrise-x-buttons extension I had the behavior with the buried buffer. Of course it does not make much sense to install these extensions together but this is what the melpa package does.



Hi again Henrik,

Thank you very much for reporting this issue and for helping
debugging it. Your hints guided me directly to the root of the
problem, fixed now (hopefully) in commit 9231f3f.

Additionally, since MELPA has changed somewhat the rules of the game
(by making all extensions, which were supposed to be optional, the
default) I've changed the default value of the `sr-popviewer-enabled'
flag to false in order to make the choice between regular and popped
viewer apparent to new users.

(The new versions of the Buttons and the PopViewer extensions have
been released as 1r444 and 3r444, respectively)


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Thank you for this really nice piece of software. There is still an issue with this MELPA package. If I include the MELPA repository together with your repository in my package-archives list, only the sunrise-commander package from the MELPA repository is shown (regardless of the order in the list). With this package the x-button extension is installed and there is no clean and simple way to get rid of these buttons.

Cheers and thanks again

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