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zathura - pdf viewer
zathura is a pdf viewer based on the poppler pdf rendering library.
This is the "escherdragon" fork of zathura. It contains several improvements
compared with the original:
* Real viewport-wise pagination: the original zathura allows to move across
a document in chunks that may be only of two sizes: whole pages and half
pages. This fork takes into consideration the size of the current viewport
(i.e. the length of the currently displayed fragment of the page), and
allows to scroll it in fragments of that size.
* Markers and bookmarks record not only the page they were on when set, but
also the exact position they were at. Additionally, bookmarks keep record
of the scale of the page, so they are restored exactly as they looked like
when set.
* Slightly improved keybindings (e.g. "b" and Backspace for paging back) and
mouse navigation in fullscreen mode.
* "Page flipping": when in fullscreen mode, press "e" to rotate the current
viewport 180 degrees. This is *very* useful when reading on a laptop while
lying in bed ;-)
I've submitted patches for most of these features to the author of zathura, so
maybe it's only a matter of time for them to become available in the official
version (or maybe not).
poppler-glib (>= 0.12.3)
cairo (>= 1.8.8)
gtk2 (>= 2.18.6)
glib2 (>= 2.22.4)
Please note that you need to have a working pkg-config installation
and that the Makefile is only compatible with GNU make.
And also note that rst2man from python-docutils is needed to build
zathurarc.5. If it is not installed, zathurarc.5 won't be built.
You can modify some parts of zathura by editing the config.h file
Customise config.h according to your wishes and run the following
command to build and install zathura:
make install
To delete zathura from your system, just type:
make uninstall
Use zathura
Just run:
zathura <file>