Install from rpm

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Install Storytlr from RPM

The following tutorial explains you how to install Storytlr from the RPM package. This package automaticaly install all required dependencies and configure Storytlr in multi-user mode. If you want a private or single-user instance, you'll have to modify the default configuration in /etc/storytlr/storytlr.conf.

Add the storytlr repository

Install storytlr and mysql

By installing Storytlr from a RPM, all required dependencies will be installed for you. In addition, you must have a MySQL server. If not yet installed, then you should also install the mysql-server package.

yum install mysql-server storytlr

Prepare your MySQL database

If mysql is not yet running, start the server with service mysqld start. Then execute the following commands to create the storytlr database and database user.

mysql -e "create database storytlr;"
mysql -e "grant all privileges on  storytlr.* to 'storytlr'@'localhost' identified by '<password>';"

Configure Storytlr

Edit the file /etc/storytlr/storytlr.conf and insert your database credentials and fill the entry with your hostname.

Browse and start using storytlr

You are now all set. Open your browser to your host and you will be greated by Storytlr. You can now register your first account.

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