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Upgrading to a newer storytlr version.

Upgrade instructions

Below are generic instructions on how to upgrade storytlr. This process should be straightforward but if you get into troubles, get in touch via the the mailing list or search the issues.


It may all go wrong, so first make sure that you have a backup of the database and your current setup.

Backup MySQL database

mysqldump -u <username> -p storytlr | gzip > storytlr.sql.gz

Backup you current setup

tar -cvzf storytlr-backup.tgz /path/to/storytlr/

Download and deploy the new release

Navigate to the folder containing your storytlr setup, download the latest release and unpack it over the existing setup. This will overwrite files with new version but will not delete your own content and configuration.

cd /path/to/storytlr.
wget http://github.com/downloads/storytlr/storytlr/tarball/master -O storytlr.tar.gz
tar --strip-components=1 -zxv -f storytlr.tar.gz 

Verify the permissions

If you are on bluehost or another similar shared host, you kan skip this section.

If you have a regular linux box, you need to make various folders wrote accessible to the www user. You could make the whole storytlr/ folder write accessible to the www user, but if you want to change permissions only of the absolutely minimum required folders, here is the list:

  • These must be always write accessible:
    • feeds/
    • protected/temp/
    • protected/logs/
    • protected/upload/
  • This one must be write accessible during the upgrade process:
    • protected/install

Database upgrade

As soon as you visit your site, the database will be upgraded to support the new release. If there is any issue during the upgrade, your site will display some error messages. Take actions to correct and, if you get stuck, ask for help !

If the automated upgrade fails (e.g. you already had some custom plugins installed), you can try to upgrade manually. For this, just execute the scripts in /protected/install/database/update/00x/ manually in mysql.

mysql -u [user] -p -D [storytlr database] < [script name].sql

Then, you want to fix the database version number. Have a look in index.php, you will see the expected database version:

define("DATABASE_VERSION", "1");

Now, you need to tell storytlr that your database is indeed at that version. Just create a file named ‘version’ in /protected/install/database with the version number.

echo 1 > version

If it keeps on failing, you can always disable the database version check by setting the value AUTO_UPGRADE to false in index.php. Then, look in the logs for error messages and get in touch with us.

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