What is the roadmap

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The storytlr short term roadmap and longer term thinking

Short term roadmap

You can submit and vote on ideas in the issue tracker.

  • 1.0
    • 5 minutes super smooth install, as simple as wordpress
    • Update procedure to make it easy to install upcoming releases
  • 1.1
    • A REST API (Probably AtomPub based)
    • Support for Activitystreams output as atom feed and import
  • 1.2
    • Implementation of the OStatus stack

Longer term ideas

Making it easy to discover, install, and configure extensions. Enable extensions to go beyond plugins, pages and widgets. Adding hooks in the core.

Post everywhere
At the moment, Storytlr focus on importing your data and only allows to repost to twitter. We could extend this with a similar plugin mechanism so that you could post from storytlr to multiple social services (e.g. post to facebook, wordpress blog, identica, ..).

Make it easy to access storytlr from any place. For example:

  • mobile template
  • mobile client (leveraging the API)
  • improved bookmarklet
  • post by email
  • support XML-RPC blogging clients

Distributed social networking
What if you could “follow” someone else storytlr ? Even when they are hosted on a separate box ? Just type in their url and their content will appear on your dashboard.

  • A dashboard where you can follow other users
  • Works in a decentralized way, accross various hosts
  • Realtime (Leveraging pubsubhubbub)
  • Enabling commenting accross servers (Salmon protocol)
  • Allowing @replies accross domains (e.g. @eschnou.com fantastic idea !)

More ideas
Add your ideas in the comments and one of the editor will bring them in the wiki !

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