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DEPRECATED: replaced by eschulte/emacs24-starter-kit. A "literate" Org-mode based Emacs configuration.
Emacs Lisp
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elpa-to-submit integrating color-theme into the starter kit -- now loaded by default
elpa Rearranged ELPA code/docs.
eshell adding better default customization for eshell
snippets/text-mode latest org-mode and org-mode snippets
src latest org-mode
.gitignore now ignoring all .el files in the base of the starter kit
.gitmodules updated url for org-mode -- thanks to github/gugl for pointing this out
COPYING initial commit
dominating-file.el Doh, was missing a provide.
init.el placing load-file-name before (buffer-file-name) for correct load order
package.el newest version of package.el, commenting out marmalade for now adding rgrep to the global keybindings C-xC-r fixed tangle keyword in some changes to smooth out initial instillation Fix the eshell configuration. In particular, remove the hard-coded updated gnus-imap instructions to use gnutls rather than starttls Fleshing out the Gnus configuration options Org-mode code block fontification in gnus messages Haskell code now has pretty lambdas in it's anonymous functions breaking out into multiple files Latest Org-mode -- with Babel safety measures switched back to the appropriate function symbol for Clojure Fix terminal bug caused by (mouse-wheel-mode t) remove library-of-babel link from breaking out into multiple files it is now safe to use python-mode for sessions adding a starter-kit-registers register breaking out into multiple files now tracking the latest version of yasnippets also added org-mode sni… two textual fixes suggested by Bernt


DEPRECATED: replaced by

This repository is now deprecated in favor of

While bug fixes will still be applied, no new development will take
place on this version of the starter kit.

The new starter kit has a number of benefits, including...
- lighter weight, simpler and with less default settings
- no usage of git submodules
- no dependencies which need to be compiled
  (i.e., you don't have to run make during instillation)
- more modular, it is easier to load only those parts of the starter
  kit you anticipate actually using

This repository could still be appropriate if for some reason you are
not able to install Emacs24 (the development version) on your system.
Emacs 24 may be easily built from source on linux systems, Mac
binaries can be downloaded from the "Nightlies" section of
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