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Unless I missed it somewhere, is ido-imenu missing? It is bound in the global key bindings, but I can't find it.




Thanks for pointing this out. I don't know where ido-imenu is supposed to be defined but it is not part of Emacs24 (although both ido and imenu are). I'm removing this binding from

If you do want this sort of functionality, I would suggest looking in the following places...


@eschulte eschulte closed this Dec 14, 2011
@nmurthy nmurthy pushed a commit to nmurthy/emacs24-starter-kit that referenced this issue Jul 17, 2012
Vadim Dashkevich Added Xdefaults theme. Closes gh-15 8226871

@ddoherty03 did you manage to get C-x C-i to work again? Would love to know how (ref: I'm stuck with this: see

@boothead boothead added a commit to perurbis/emacs24-starter-kit that referenced this issue Jun 24, 2014
@boothead boothead Squashed 'src/shm/' changes from 3d62db5..602f84c
602f84c Add process-backed case-splitting backend
a096365 Add shm-case-split-insert-pattern
846c2a3 Initial functioning case-split
7a81ca1 Attempt to indent at level of previous args
2ed7a09 newline-indent for tuples
ffb9f46 Don't space out parens before a backslash (assumes lambda)
a6980d6 Make forward-node/backward-node maintain the current node
7b16b9c Don't re-indent when the start column is zero (fixes #48)
ec901f1 Try to fail less on yanking (refs #52)
66b0dd7 Add colon-enabled to tests
8680d92 Disable special handling of : by default (fixes #50)
dc9ee3b Comment out auto-alt insertion until I think an appropriate way to trigger it
bde05ca Make hitting C-j at the start of an RHS just assume to C-j the whole RHS
2827a35 Auto-insert "_ -> undefined" when C-j'ing on case Alts
e7b370d Always do multi-line ifs
fa10c59 Add a fallback to shm/delete to delete characters (fixes #46)
c5625b5 Try not to auto-indent when at the start of the line (e.g. when renaming a top-level function)
1442e75 Insert spaces after "," in a list if previous list items start with that
4f272dd Handle newline-indent better when inside a type-signature
bace4f8 Further cleanups, no semantic change
984b3f2 Fix linter concat map to concatMap whining
62f9a69 Move output closer to outputWith
b0a9853 Remove redundant do and extra indentation level
bf2c71c Remove redundant comment
3a1ba39 Quiet the orphan warnings
057f45b Remove dead code
4a17572 Refactor spanHSE for easy reading
2251ad2 Refactor parseMode for easy reading
5c95b16 Move instance declaration close to data declarations
7cd5e7f Factor out pure code from outputWith
14859b5 Remove redundant imports
c4bdd51 Remove redundant pragmas
35a919c Add shm/qualify-import
0287502 Add shm/split-list to split a list into two lists
69d25f7 Add transient-mark-mode for tests
c3a9eae Add shm/comment (refs #37)
5ca6921 Wrap the active region when (, [ or { is used (fixes #37)
abf98cc Add a node for Deriving's instance heads (fixes #41)
a0f641d Add newline commas for list comprehensions
31e69c4 Add shm to PATH and -O0 to cabal
9b12b02 More lines to do cabal's job for it
21a3332 Adding cabal update because cabal is too stupid to do anything
4fd2432 Try adding ghc and cabal in installation setup
8cab686 Update tests and add 'make test' and travis file
b4ab3a3 Fix shm/space
53456dc Update version
fbf45dd Strip out pages
af7c336 Strip out whitespace
bb702cf Split out shm-customizations
fe07f90 Put everything back in one file, it was a mistake to try to split it
d7cfe4e Restructure elisp/Makefile
02cd4a3 Fix M-{ and M-} in comments and add regression test (refs #38)
65bc97f Update el files and bump version for hackage (closes #32, closes #34)
4abd5a1 Add note about HSE extensions in shm/test-exe
eb15f13 Note about shm/test-exe
b16c7a1 Grammar tweak
79c4ac4 Add note about HSE parse errors for new extensions
2957730 Update shm-test ref
9b53c3b Split shm into 20 modules and add bytecompilation Makefile
b81a592 Bring evaporate in as shm-evaporate, update docs, byte-compile line
3533b0f Fix file headers and footer, add autoload cookie for mode
39764a8 Rebind M-w to shm/copy-region (refs #30)
85fc4de Regression test for skipping trailing comments (refs #27)
913a000 Skip trailing comments and whitespace (refs #27)
c742f14 Handle empty lines at start of kill-region (refs #28)
5cf3a93 Fix kill-line regression and generally better behaviour
060c992 Indent whole operands to the same nesting as parent when dragging
76316af Add note about debug-on-error
db8369f Just delete the line for C-k on a whitespace-only line
4006a4a Add evaporate.el to data-files
896cd06 Make auto-inserted type evaporating
98459db Add bang auto-insertion
2853426 Fix regressed auto-reindentation on space (includes regression test)
4232802 Tweaks to string-edit
21a46e1 shm/edit-string command to edit strings unescaped in separate buffer
3415974 Auto-replace " with \" and \n with \\n\ when pasting into strings
44586a7 Check current node exists in shm/: (fixes #21)
c421745 Use when instead of if
5df8b1c Fix colon inside comments
ab97622 Bind indent-tabs-mode to `nil' in shm-kill-region (fixes #20)
1101db2 More support of :: in field decls
3f21911 Support auto-insertion of :: in record fields
c485248 Add shm/insert-undefined (uses evaporate.el)
1ff98fe Don't insert statements after "<-" and "let" if unnecessary
e2ace6a Better "<-" and "let" detection and insertion
08e547c Only glide over <- when there's something after point
56e96a5 Make evaporate overlay more robust
aa069e7 Auto insert a statement after "x <- |" in do expression
0d96182 Don't delete a non-empty do
a0d87e7 Add `do' notation template
8848448 Refactor insertion templates into separate functions
4a91fb6 Handle block comments that spread multiple lines (fixes #15)
840fb3f Support also newline-indent copying of operations at the end of lines
aa9c71a Fix backspace on opening delimiters when inside a string
89e1e1a Fix backspace on \"
9519ce1 Make undefined in `let' skeletons also evaporate
0385155 Fix shm/add-operand
f3dc4bb Small improvement to evaporate, fix multi-line if
1561de9 Make slots of skeletons evaporating and re-use TAB key
c6a0973 Add type-application for newline-indent
abe45c5 Remove do condition for now
936d37a Handle deletion of outer and inner delimiters better generally (fixes #18)
1812d16 Support also ConDecl in newline indent
baf15f5 Pointless renaming to force github's image cache
b762754 Space out even on parse error
1c0e33f Fix shm-delimit
cea2c3f Make sure functions use shm-insert-string to preserve alignments
d5795e8 Don't space out on import decl either
d3841a7 Fix current-line checking in appropriate-adjustement (fixes #16)
ae55df1 Don't space out parens in export specs
7fe4def Commands for close-bracket and close-paren (fixes #13)
a8c5d39 Make module completion only work at the start of line (fixes #14)
92f2abf Fix module skeleton completion at start of file
c2be9be Make shm/wrap-parens pay attention to region
c855099 Force reparse on close paren
5f477ea Make customization variable for skipping applications (fixes #12)
0a11b7a Add how to report a bug to readme
71dfb1e Add simple-indent- functions and deprecate other indentation modes
389ef62 Add a wee bit of help in with-shm-fallback
86eaa07 Make shm/describe-node handle no node, and don't move point (refs #9)
d5f204e Fix shm/comma when in comments (fixes #9)
748ec9c Don't try to avoid name munging outside of strings and comments
36d66e2 Make kill-line support multi-line strings (refs #8)
a234acf Some support for multi-line strings (refs #8)
1226b03 Give exec-path-from-shell a mention
8d63a90 Add note about how to byte-compile from command-line
2bfd450 Change boundp to fboundp in shm-test
c152484 Re-order things around so that byte-compilation is happy
f9b2a9e Make tests byte-compileable and update (refs #4)
963bc11 Fix boolean customizations

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