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+{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;}
+\f0\fs24 \cf0 Overall recommendation: \'a0Accept Minor\
+There are no concerns with the software itself in this case.\
+The profile and community surrounding this project, plus the\
+fact that it is shipped as part of Emacs, provides ample\
+evidence of the success of the developers in producing\
+useful, widely-available, and quality code.\
+The comments of the reviewers, supplemented by my own, are\
+focused on the article itself and improvements on the\
+description and explanation of the software. \'a0The main\
+negative feedback from one reviewer was the fact that\
+this software is Emacs-only, which reduces its potential\
+audience. \'a0This makes it all the more important to make\
+sure that people, such as the other reviewer, are given\
+as much support and encouragement as possible to be able to\
+try out this software.\
+Associate Editor comments:\
+- There needs to be more references to other comparable\
+\'a0software and what makes this project different. \'a0Examples\
+\'a0(just from the R world) are SASweave, StatWeave, ODFweave,\
+\'a0Sword, and cacheSweave.\
+- In some areas there is too little information. \'a0\'a0Reviewer 1\
+\'a0makes several points about installation, but in a number of\
+\'a0places I wanted to know more. \'a0For example:\
+\'a0+ [page 6] How are data structures shared between different\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0computer languages? \'a0Is some sort of (standard) common\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0object system being employed?\
+\'a0+ Several of the examples are perhaps more complex than\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0they need to be (there are too many things changing\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0at once between examples). \'a0In order to satisfy the claim\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0[page 21] that this system is "easy to adopt", I think\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0that examples could be made simpler and could be\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0presented in a more incremenetal fashion. \'a0For example:\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0- [page 16-17] only some code chunks have a :noweb\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0argument with no explanation of why (or what that\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0argument does)\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0- I did not get a good feel for the different roles of\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0#+headers lines versus #+begin_src lines.\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0More explanation please.\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0- I am not clear on whether #+results lines are manually\
+\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0\'a0typed or automatically generated.\
+Reviewer 1:\
+Reviewer 2:\
+To be honest, I've often wondered how to review papers such as this\
+one. The software appears already well-developed with a reasonable\
+user base (and a nice Google Tech Talk to go with it!). To me, it\
+seems that the fact that many people are using it and that there is a\
+sizable development community is a pretty good "review" of the\
+Not being an emacs-lisp expert, I was not able to evaluate the code\
+for the project itself, however I did install the software and use it\
+a bit, particular on the source of the submitted paper itself.\
+Everything appeared to work as advertised and installation of the\
+software was straightforward.\
+I think the main strengths are that the software provides a fairly\
+comprehensive toolset for project management/organization and it\
+supports a variety of languages that can be mixed together in a single\
+document. The main downside I can think of is that the software is\
+based in Emacs and therefore is inherently limited in its scope and\
+impact. Overall, this appears to be nice, useful, and interesting\
+piece of software.}

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