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;; orgserv.el --- serve/edit org-mode files through the web
;; Author: Eric Schulte
(require 'org)
(require 'gnuserv)
(defvar orgserv-base
(expand-file-name "www" (file-name-directory (or load-file-name buffer-file-name))))
"base directory from which to serve/store/find web-pages")
(defun orgserv-file-to-html (path)
"Return the supplied org-mode file as html"
(let ((default-directory orgserv-base))
(when (find-file path)
(org-export-as-html nil t nil 'string))))
(defun orgserv-subtree-to-html (path id)
"Export the subtree located in the file at PATH with the id ID
to html and return the resulting string"
(let ((default-directory orgserv-base)
position html)
(when (and (find-file path) (setf position (org-find-entry-with-id id)))
(goto-char position)
(setf html (org-export-as-html nil t nil 'string t))
;; wrap the resulting html in AJAXyness
(defun orgserv-org-string-to-html (string)
"Accept a org-mode formatted string, and return it as html."
(insert string)
(org-export-as-html nil t nil 'string)))
(defun orgserv-start ()
"attempting to implement a persistent loop that can accept
input through gnuclient, and return output there all in a
persistent process."
;; may not be possible
;; functions for serving subtrees independently
(defun orgserv-idify ()
"assign each subtree in the current file a uid"
(org-map-entries 'org-id-get-create))