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QuickDialog is an iOS library that allows you to easily create forms in apps without directly using UITableViews, delegates, and data sources. QuickDialog can quickly and efficiently create forms with just a handful of elements, or thousands of items, without even breaking a sweat!

QuickDialog is inspired by the brilliant MonoTouch.Dialog library created by Miguel de Icaza, which can be found at migueldeicaza/MonoTouch.Dialog.

QuickDialog requires Xcode 4.2 or higher (because of ARC), and iOS 5. (Version 2.0, currently in development, will require iOS 7.)


Add pod 'QuickDialog', '~>1.0' to your Podfile, using CocoaPods. See here for more detailed installation instructions.


See the other pages in the wiki (listed on the right), or the project website.

Getting Started

The Installation and Getting Started are especially useful to those just beginning to use QuickDialog.

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