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Note 2/Apr/2013: apparently the memegenerator api is having problems, so check before you try it. (It would be pretty easy to build a generator, maybe I add that to the node app someday). Sorry :(

by @escusado

What is this?

A stupid express app and a js script to print memes in the console.


Paste this in your console or html document.,t,n,r){var i="";if(typeof r==="undefined"){r=200}var s=i+e+"/"+r+"/"+encodeURIComponent(t)+"/"+encodeURIComponent(n);var o="background-image: url("+s+");";o+="background-repeat: no-repeat;";o+="background-position: center center;";r=Math.floor(r/2);o+="padding: "+r+"px "+r+"px; background-size: 100%;";var u="";var a=Math.ceil(r/14)+2;while(a--){u+="\n"}console.log("%c %c"+u,o,"background: none;")}'grumpy-cat', 'paste this in my console?...', ' this it?');

Alternatilvely you can set a size too :'nobody-got-time', 'Write an extra parameter?', 'Ain t Nobody got time fo that', 300);

Currently supported

  • 'y-u-no'
  • 'i-dont-always'
  • 'orly'
  • 'success'
  • 'all'
  • 'too-damn'
  • 'good-news'
  • 'not-sure-if'
  • 'yo-dawg'
  • 'all-your-base'
  • 'fuck-you'
  • 'have-a-bad-time'
  • 'one-does-not-simply'
  • 'grumpy-cat'
  • 'it-looks-like-you'
  • 'feel-bad'
  • 'nobody-got-time'
  • 'bad-luck-brian-meme'
  • 'first-world-problems-ii'
  • 'scumbag-steve'
  • 'what-if-i-told-you-meme'
  • 'san-juan-cholo'
  • 'good-guy-greg'
  • 'prepare-yourself'
  • 'stoner-stanley'
  • 'all-the-things'
  • 'conspiracy-keanu'
  • 'disaster-girl'
  • 'pleaseguy'
  • 'annoying-facebook-girl'
  • 'trollface'
  • 'skeptical-3rd-world-kid'
  • 'correction-guy'
  • 'insanity-wolf'
  • 'kill-yourself-guy'
  • 'joseph-ducreux'
  • 'so-youre-telling-me'
  • 'african-children-dancing'




The image proxy server is deployed on a free Dyno on Heroku, you can deploy your own if you like :)

this thing uses the npm package memeGenClient by kudos man!

Also the MemeGenerator API

Free GPL libre whatever use it as you like :)

I work @freshout on @Breezi