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OpenSource Brushless Drive Controller - The official repository is at

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This project aims to create a fully open-source Brushless Drive Controller.

Where is the hardware
The hardware design files got split into a separate repository on github called

Current design
The current design uses an STM32 microcontroller, Allegro halsensor based
current sensors, IRS2101 bridge drivers. This combination will allow:

- Vectorfield control for smooth and very exact torque and speed control
- N-Mosfet only powerstage design to increase efficiency
- Many different interfaces (PPM, I2C, CAN, USART, USB) for interfacing

Targetted features
* 3/4C LiPo cell support
* 20A constant power output or more
* Active freewheeling
* Adjustable timings
* Active break with power pushback to the batteries?
* Different interfaces: 
** PPM
** Serial
** I2C
** CAN
* As small as possible; current design is 60x26mm (may and probably will change in the future)
* Software license: GPL, version 3 or later
* Hardware license: CC-BY-SA 3.0
* Rotation speed controller
* Detatchable powerstage
* Vector control support
* Hall sensor support

Inspiration references
Some application notes were consulted while designing the circuits of
the drive conntrollers:

Also some inspiration was taken from the brushless controllers designed by
Holger Buss for the Mikrokopter project ( But the
design is constantly changing and moving away from designs that were considered
as inspirations quickly.

For more information take a look at A lot of progress
reports are posted on, so this page may be worth a look

All sourcecode is licensed under GPL version 3 or later, all circuitry designs
and pcb layouts are available as original source files and licensed under
CreativeCommons BY-SA 3.0.

Feel free to use everything here as you wish! :)


OpenSource Brushless Drive Controller - The official repository is at


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