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Anonymous class #13

azu opened this issue Jun 20, 2015 · 3 comments

Anonymous class #13

azu opened this issue Jun 20, 2015 · 3 comments


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azu commented Jun 20, 2015

ES6 Classes allow to anonymous.

ClassDeclaration[Yield, Default] :
    class BindingIdentifier[?Yield] ClassTail[?Yield]
    [+Default] class ClassTail[?Yield] // <= export default class { }

ClassTail[Yield] :
    ClassHeritage[?Yield]opt { ClassBody[?Yield]opt }

esdoc fail to parse anonymous class and throw error.

I'v create example repository : azu/esdoc-no-class-name-issue

// anonymous class
export default class {
        this.description = "this is example class";

parse error:

$ npm run doc

> esdoc-no-class-name-issue@1.0.0 doc /Users/azu/.ghq/
> esdoc -c esdoc.json

            throw _iteratorError5;
TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of null
    at (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at ClassDoc._apply (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at ClassDoc._apply (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at ClassDoc.AbstractDoc (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at new ClassDoc (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at DocFactory._createDoc (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at DocFactory._traverseComments (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at DocFactory.push (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at Controller.<anonymous> (/Users/azu/.ghq/
    at Controller.enter (/Users/azu/.ghq/

I suggest that esdoc throw warning instead of error.

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@azu Thank you for reporting this issue! Sorry, I did not know the specifications...

  • idea 1: ESDoc throws warning and not output document of an anonymous class.
  • idea 2: ESDoc treats all anonymous classes as export default class Anonymous {}.
  • idea 3: ESDoc guesses a name of an anonymous class from the file name.
    • e.g. with your repository, the anonymous class as export default class ExampleClass {}

I think that idea 3 is good. What do you think about ideas?

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azu commented Jun 21, 2015

I vote for idea 3 👍
If you implement idea 3, need to validate the file name as valid JavaScript variable names.

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I fixed this issue. I will release it in next version.

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