Learning JBehave, now using Gradle to compile and run tests
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This is a proof of concept of JBehave, just to study this library and the BDD concepts in Java. I also wanted to use Gradle for the first time.

Libraries used

This project uses Gradle to download its libraries and their dependencies. They are:

  • junit, because we have tests!
  • jbehave, obviously
  • jbehave-junit-runner, so we can have a nice output when running our tests in Eclipse

Why Gradle?

I've already made this same project using Maven.

@marceloemanoel got hungry when he saw it, as expected, and told me to use Gradle, as expected. So I used Gradle for the first time and took some conclusions.


There are very few changes from this project to the version that uses Maven.

The most visible ones are in the class CalculatorStories in order to solve some Gradle-related issues. There's a friendly and really necessary comment in the class explaining it.

If you want to analyse all the differences yourself, checkout both projects and run some diff tool.


  • Gradle is easier to learn than Maven
  • Gradle has shorter configuration files than Maven's.
  • Gradle has no XML configuration files, and this alone can be a good reason to switch to Gradle