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Python Table Library

Two-dimensional tables backed by Numpy with named rows and columns.

Some of the capabilities of the library are shown below:

from table import Table

table = Table(
    ["1", "2", "3"] # row names,
    ["a", "b"]      # column names,
    [[1, 2],        # initial values
     [3, 4],
     [5, 6]]

print "Whole table:"
print table

print "Just a cell:"
print table["1", "a"]

print "A row:"
print table["2", :]

print "A column:"
print table[:, "b"]

print "A range:"
print table["2":, :]

The library also provides basic I/O capability for simple delimited files and standard CSV files:

table1 = readTableFromDelimited(f)
table2 = readTableFromCSV(f)