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Localizator is a rails plugin which helps to maintain YAML tranlsation files in sync

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This plugin provides two simple rake tasks to help keeping tranlations in sync with the default locale.


Start creating a new locale with:

rake localizator:update[nl]

It will generate a new file in 'config/locales/nl-missing.yml' with the keys in your default locale which need to be translated.

Open this file in your favourite text editor and translate it!

Once done you can merge the translatios into your main locale file ('config/locales/nl.yml') with:

rake localizator:merge[nl]

Since this is the first run, this will simply copy your translations to the main locale file.

Now, every time you edit your main locale file you can run the samle update task with:

rake localizator:update[nl]

Then translate the missing keys in your 'config/locales/nl-missing.yml' file and merge them back into the main locale file.

Happy localization!

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