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This distribution contains the modules Pod::Perldoc::ToTextTermcap and
Pod::Perldoc::ToTextOverstrike. These are frontends to let perldoc use
Pod::Text::Termcap and Pod::Text::Overstrike.

My plan is to get these modules into the Pod-Perldoc distribution,
and thus into Perl5 core, to fix outstanding encoding issues in
Pod::Perldoc::ToText and/or Pod::Text, and eventually to replace
Pod::Man as default perldoc renderer by any of the two (I believe it
is not possible to have decent Unicode support with nroff).

Actually it looks like some terminal emulations does not cope very
well with Pod::Text::Termcap. But Pod::Text::Overstrike looks good so
far. I tried FreeBSD console, xterm, urxvt.

The repository can be found at:
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