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Tk::Getopt is an option editor for Perl/Tk. It also provides an
interface to Getopt::Long, so options may be entered at command line,
saved to an options file, or set in the option editor.

To install, type

	cpan .

if you have a modern, otherwise

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

For a demonstration you can type

	make demo

after the "make" phase.

For Windows NT and ActiveState Perl, replace "make" with "nmake", if
you have the Visual C++ compiler available. Otherwise, just copy to C:\Perl\lib\site\Tk.

For Strawberry or Vanilla Perl, replace "make" with "dmake".

Additional requirements besides Tk are listed in the META.yml. (Even
Tk is not really a prerequisite, but it's highly recommended)

Send bug reports, comments and suggestions to