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Tk::HistEntry Module
Tk::HistEntry implements an entry widget with history. You may use the up
and down keys to select older entries (or use the associated listbox).
Usage: $top->HistEntry(-textvariable => \$foo,
-command => sub {
# automatically adds $foo to history
print STDERR "Do something with $foo\n";
The widget comes in two flavors: the "HistEntry" widget is an
inherited BrowseEntry widget where you see history in the associated
listbox, too. The "SimpleHistEntry" widget is a plain Entry widget.
To install, type
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make install
Testing is done with
$ make test
There's also a demo which can be started with
$ make demo
Send bug reports, comments and suggestions to Slaven Rezic