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The CPAN module Tk::Pod, a Tk-based Pod viewer

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This is a graphical user interface for viewing and browsing perl's Pod

To install, type

	cpan .

if you have a modern, otherwise

	perl Makefile.PL	(resolve all dependencies)
	make test
	make demo		(optional)
	make install

Windows users should replace "make" with "nmake" if using ActivePerl
or "dmake" if using Vanilla or Strawberry Perl.

At least perl 5.005 and Tk 800.004 are required.

Features include:
	o A standalone Tk pod viewer: tkpod
	o Interface to perlindex full text Pod search
	  (you need to install the perlindex distribution aka
           Text::English from CPAN and create an index using
           "perlindex -index").
	o Supports single or multiple Pod windows.
	o more/less-like Tk::More widget with '/', 'n', 'N', 'j', 'k'
	o Tree view of available Pods
	o links to URLs and man pages are also handled
	o printing using postscript, RTF or text output

If Tk::ToolBar is installed, then tkpod may use the Tk::ToolBar icons
for the menus. This works both in Tk804 with native compounds and in
Tk800 using Tk::Compound.

The original Tk::Pod module was written by Nick Ing-Simmons
<>. Former maintainer was Achim Bohnet. Current
maintainer is Slaven Rezic <>. Pod::Simple support is
by Sean Burke. Please send bug reports, patches and comments to the
current maintainer.

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