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Malware Indicators of Compromise

(  E  S | E  T  )  R e s e a r c h

Copyright © ESET 2014-2020

Here are indicators of compromise (IOCs) of our various investigations. We are doing this to help the broader security community fight malware wherever it might be.

  • .yar files are Yara rules

  • .rules files are Snort rules

  • samples.md5, samples.sha1 and samples.sha256 files are newline separated list of hexadecimal digests of malware samples

If you would like to contribute improved versions please send us a pull request.

If you’ve found false positives give us the details in an issue report and we’ll try to improve our IOCs.

These are licensed under the permissive BSD two-clause license. You are allowed to modify these and keep the changes to yourself even though it would be rude to do so.