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Stadeo is a set of tools primarily developed to facilitate analysis of Stantinko, which is a botnet performing click fraud, ad injection, social network fraud, password stealing attacks and cryptomining.

The scripts, written entirely in Python, deal with Stantinko's unique control-flow-flattening (CFF) and string obfuscation techniques described in our March 2020 blogpost. Additionally, they can be utilized for other purposes: for example, we’ve already extended our approach to support deobfuscating the CFF featured in Emotet – a trojan that steals banking credentials and that downloads additional payloads such as ransomware.

Our deobfuscation methods use IDA, which is a standard tool in the industry, and Miasm – an open source framework providing us with various data-flow analyses, a symbolic execution engine, a dynamic symbolic execution engine and the means to reassemble modified functions.