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#Introduction This project started life when I decided to learn javascript after reading Steve Yegge's post on Rhino on Rails. Rather then wait for Steve to release RoR (he still hasn't) I decided to write a very simplified version myself.

Latte is a serverside JavaScript MVC framework powered by Rhino. I use latte to power, my personal website.


  • JavaScript awesomeness in the backend
  • convention over configuration
  • rapid REPL, just save and refresh your browser
  • simple HTML templating - write the dynamic bits in JavaScript
  • java interop comes free
  • deployable on the google app engine or as a servlet!
  • no crazy magic, it's simple


  • JDK 1.5+
  • apache ant

#Building the framework

  1. clone the repository from github!
  2. shell into the root directory
  3. latte> ant

#So simple

  1. latte/app/controller> cat hello.js (function() { return { world: function() { return ["ok", "hello world"] }, world2: function() { return ["ok", render("view/hello/world2.jhtml", { text: "hello world2" })] } } })
  2. latte> ./ init.js
  3. check out http://localhost:8080/hello/world in a browser
  4. and http://localhost:8080/hello/world2

#A more complicated website Check out the code at to see a full webapp built on latte. It has url rewriting, database access, a REST api, automatic redeployment via github pushes, and many more goodies.