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Cl-Ps-Ecs is an entity-component-system library for Common Lisp and for Parenscript.


About terms

This entity-component-system consists of the following 3 elements.

  • An "Entity" has only a unique ID and multiple "components".
    • In this library, it can have a parent and children.
  • A "Component" is a structure that has only data.
  • A "System" recognize "entities" that has specific kinds of "components", and processes the data.


Define some components by inheriting ecs-component.

(defstruct (vector-2d (:include ecs-component)) (x 0) (y 0))
(defstruct (position-2d (:include vector-2d)))
(defstruct (velocity-2d (:include vector-2d)))

Define some systems by inheriting ecs-system and register them. (Note that they are processed in the order of registeration.)

(defun process-move-system (entity)
  (with-ecs-components ((pos position-2d) (vel velocity-2d)) entity
    (incf (position-2d-x pos) (velocity-2d-x vel))
    (incf (position-2d-y pos) (velocity-2d-y vel))))

(defstruct (move-system
             (:include ecs-system
                       (target-component-types '(position-2d velocity-2d))
                       (process #'process-move-system))))

(register-ecs-system :move (make-move-system))

Define some entities using ecs-entity and resiter them. (Note that systems can recognize only entities that has been registered.)

(let ((entity (make-ecs-entity)))
   (make-position-2d :x 0 :y 0)
   (make-velocity-2d :x 1 :y 0))
  (add-ecs-entity entity))

(let ((entity (make-ecs-entity)))
   (make-position-2d :x 0 :y 0)
   (make-velocity-2d :x 0 :y -1))
  (add-ecs-entity entity))

;; Because this entity has no velosity-2d component,
;; it is not processed by the move-system.
(let ((entity (make-ecs-entity)))
   (make-position-2d :x 0 :y 0))
  (add-ecs-entity entity))

Run all registered systems.

(defun print-all-entities ()
  (do-ecs-entities entity
    (with-ecs-components (position-2d) entity
      (format t "ID = ~D, pos = (~A, ~A)~%"
              (ecs-entity-id entity)
              (vector-2d-x position-2d)
              (vector-2d-y position-2d)))))

(progn (print-all-entities)
       (format t "--- Run ecs-main ---~%")

The result is as below.

ID = 3, pos = (0, 0)
ID = 2, pos = (0, 0)
ID = 1, pos = (0, 0)
--- Run ecs-main ---
ID = 3, pos = (0, 0)
ID = 2, pos = (0, -1)
ID = 1, pos = (1, 0)

Basic structures and functions


The ecs-entity has some members. However, these will not be set by users. The add-ecs-entity can set a parent of an entity by its second argument. The members, parent and children, are set by it.

(defstruct.ps+ ecs-entity
  (id (incf *entity-id-counter*))
  (tags '())
  (components '())
  (children '())
  (registerp nil) ;; This is used only in this library.


The ecs-component has no default member.


The main members in ecs-system are target-component-types and process. See the above quickstart to know about them.

Then other important members are the followings.

  • process-all: This is called once in ecs-main. The argument is the system itself.
  • target-entities: This is automatically updated. So don't update it by manual. But reading it is useful in some cases.
  • add-entity-hook: This is called when the system recognizes its target entity.
  • delete-entity-hook: This is called when the system unrecognizes its target entity.
(defstruct.ps+ ecs-system
  (enable t)
  (target-entities '()) ;; automatically updated
  (target-component-types '())
  (process (lambda (entity) entity)) ;; process each entity
  (process-all (lambda (system) system))
  (add-entity-hook (lambda (entity) entity))
  (delete-entity-hook (lambda (entity) entity)))

Tag system

Tags are important to distinguish who is an entity.

  • Add and delete
    • add-entity-tag (Ex. (add-entity-tag entity "enemy" "slime"))
    • delete-entity-tag (Ex. (delete-entity-tag entity "slime"))
  • Check
    • has-entity-tag only returns whether the entity has the tag or not. (Ex. (has-entity-tag entity "enemy"))
    • check-entity-tags thorws error if the entity doesn't have the tag. (Ex. (check-entity-tag entity "enemy"))
  • Utils
    • find-a-entity-by-tag finds a entity that has a specified tag from global environment. (Ex. (find-a-entity-by-tag "slime"))
    • do-tagged-ecs-entities is used for processing all entities that have a specified tag. (Ex. see below)
(do-tagged-ecs-entities (entity "enemy")
  (print (ecs-entity-id entity)))


This library and some dependent libraries are not registered in quicklisp. So please clone them under the directory that quicklisp can find. (If you use Roswell, the default is ~/.roswell/local-projects).

Then, load by ql:quickload.

$ (ql:quickload :cl-ps-ecs)



Copyright (c) 2015 eshamster (hamgoostar@gmail.com)


Distributed under the LLGPL License