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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage ps-experiment.common-macros
(:use :cl
(:export :setf-with
(:import-from :ps-experiment.base
(in-package :ps-experiment.common-macros)
;; * These macros are not included in Common Lisp but for convinence.
;; * Now, they are not exported from the ps-experiment package.
( setf-with (target &body rest)
(unless (evenp (length rest))
(error "odd number of args to SETF-WITH"))
(labels ((extract-slots (result rest)
(if rest
(extract-slots (cons (car rest) result)
(cddr rest))
(nreverse result))))
`(with-slots ,(extract-slots nil rest) ,target
(setf ,@rest))))
( with-slots-pair (pair &body body)
(unless (evenp (length pair))
(error "with-slots-pair needs an even number length list as a first argument"))
(labels ((rec (rest-pair)
(if rest-pair
`((with-slots ,(car rest-pair) ,(cadr rest-pair)
,@(rec (cddr rest-pair))))
(car (rec pair))))