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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage ps-experiment.utils
(:use :cl
(:import-from :ps-experiment.base
(in-package :ps-experiment.utils)
(defun quoted-symbolp (object)
(and (listp object)
(= (length object) 2)
(eq (car object) 'quote)
(symbolp (cadr object))))
;; --- array utils --- ;;
;; c[ad]{1-2}r
;; Limitaton: cd[ad]*r cannot be used for setting
(defpsmacro car (x)
`(@ ,x 0))
(defpsmacro cdr (x)
(ps-once-only (x)
`((@ ,x slice) 1 (@ ,x length))))
(defpsmacro caar (x)
`(@ ,x 0 0))
(defpsmacro cadr (x)
`(@ ,x 1))
(defpsmacro cdar (x)
`(cdr (@ ,x 0)))
(defpsmacro cddr (x)
`(cdr (cdr ,x)))
(defpsmacro nth (n list)
`(aref ,list ,n))
(defpsmacro listp (object)
(if (null object)
`(instanceof ,object -array)))
(defpsmacro atom (object)
(if (or (null object)
(and (listp object)
(= (length object) 2)
(eq (car object) 'quote)
(null (cadr object))))
`(not (listp ,object))))
(defpsmacro push (item place)
`(progn ((@ ,place unshift) ,item)
;; TODO: Throw error if the range beyond the sequence.
(defpsmacro subseq (sequence start &optional end)
(if end
`((@ ,sequence slice) ,start ,end)
`((@ ,sequence slice) ,start)))
(defpsmacro every (predicate sequence)
`((@ ,sequence every) ,predicate))
(defpsmacro some (predicate sequence)
`((@ ,sequence some) ,predicate))
(defpsmacro find-if (predicate sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (x)
`(dolist (,x ,sequence)
(when (funcall ,predicate ,x)
(return ,x)))))
(defpsmacro find (item sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (target)
`(find-if (lambda (,target) (eq ,item ,target)) ,sequence)))
;; Note: This doesn't support some builtin functions such as min
;; because, for example, #'min is not automatically interpreted
;; as Math.min in Parenscript.
(defpsmacro reduce (function sequence)
`((@ ,sequence reduce) ,function))
(defpsmacro remove-if (test sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (copy)
`(let ((,copy ,sequence))
((@ ,copy filter) (lambda (x) (not (funcall ,test x)))))))
(defpsmacro remove (item sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (target)
`(remove-if (lambda (,target) (eq ,item ,target)) ,sequence)))
(defpsmacro remove-if-not (test sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (copy)
`(let ((,copy ,sequence))
((@ ,copy filter) ,test))))
(defpsmacro nreverse (sequence)
`((@ ,sequence reverse)))
(defpsmacro reverse (sequence)
(with-ps-gensyms (copy)
`(let ((,copy ((@ ,sequence concat))))
(nreverse ,copy))))
;; TODO: Implement as (function list &rest rest-lists)
(defpsmacro mapcar (function list)
`((@ ,list map) ,function))
;; --- hash utils --- ;;
(defpsmacro make-hash-table ()
`(@ {}))
;; TODO: Support &optional default
(defpsmacro gethash (key hash-table)
(if (quoted-symbolp key)
`(aref ,hash-table ,(string (cadr key)))
`(aref ,hash-table ,key)))
;; Limitation: Even if keys are registered as number,
;; it is interpreted as string.
(defpsmacro maphash (func hash-table)
(ps-once-only (hash-table)
`(dolist (key ((@ -object keys) ,hash-table))
(funcall ,func key (gethash key ,hash-table)))))
;; --- have not classified utils --- ;;
"Limitation: Now, this can judge the type only of objects"
(defpsmacro typep (object type-specifier)
(if (quoted-symbolp type-specifier)
`(typep ,object ,(cadr type-specifier))
`(instanceof ,object (if (stringp ,type-specifier)
(eval ,type-specifier)
(defpsmacro error (datum &rest args)
(cond ((null args) `(throw ,datum))
((stringp datum) `(throw ,(eval `(format nil ,datum
,@(mapcar (lambda (arg)
(format nil "~A" arg))
(t `(throw ,(format nil "~A: ~A" datum args)))))
(defpsmacro check-type (place type-specifier)
`(unless ,(if (string= (symbol-name type-specifier) "STRING")
`(stringp ,place)
`(typep ,place ,type-specifier))
(error 'type-error
,(format nil "The place is '~A'. The expected type is '~A'"
place type-specifier))))