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Welcome to the E.S.H.S. P.O.T.A.T.O.E.S. community wiki!

This is the place to go to for all documentation related to the El Segundo High School Robotics Team. The purpose of this wiki is to compile a knowledge base of relevant and useful information so that future members of the E.S.H.S. P.O.T.A.T.O.E.S. (aka SPUDS) can benefit from the lessons learned by their predecessors.

Wiki guidelines

  • Search the wiki before adding a new article to avoid creating duplicate content.
  • Please update articles you find with outdated or missing content.
  • Do not delete an articles without getting mentor approval first.
  • Do not store any sensitive information here as this is a publicly accessible website.
  • Titles for FRC & VEX articles should be prefixed with the corresponding competition name follow by a pipe character (|). i.e. An article about the programming environment for FRC. - FRC | Programming Environment
  • Only write articles in either Markdown or Mediawiki format.

Markup reference

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