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""" Python 3 Web Application OAuth 2.0 example.
This example can be run from the command line and will show you how the
OAuth 2.0 flow should be handled if you are a web based application.
* Create an SSO application at with the scope
"esi-characters.read_blueprints.v1" and the callback URL
"https://localhost/callback/". Note: never use localhost as a callback
in released applications.
* Have a Python 3 environment available to you (possibly by using a
virtual environment:
* Run pip install -r requirements.txt with this directory as your root.
To run this example, make sure you have completed the prerequisites and then
run the following command from this directory as the root:
>>> python
then follow the prompts.
import base64
from shared_flow import print_auth_url
from shared_flow import send_token_request
from shared_flow import handle_sso_token_response
def main():
""" Takes you through a local example of the OAuth 2.0 web flow."""
print("This program will take you through an example OAuth 2.0 flow "
"that you should be using if you are building a web based "
"application. Follow the prompts and enter the info asked for.")
client_id = input("\nCopy your SSO application's client ID and enter it "
"here: ")
auth_code = input("Copy the \"code\" query parameter and enter it here: ")
app_secret = input("Copy your SSO application's secret key and enter it "
"here: ")
# Basic auth can be taken care of by the requests library by passing in
# the kwarg "auth=(client_id, app_secret)" but it's best to show how it's
# done without it for this example.
user_pass = "{}:{}".format(client_id, app_secret)
basic_auth = base64.urlsafe_b64encode(user_pass.encode('utf-8')).decode()
auth_header = "Basic {}".format(basic_auth)
form_values = {
"grant_type": "authorization_code",
"code": auth_code,
headers = {"Authorization": auth_header}
print("\nThe following request uses basic authentication, as a web based "
"app you should do the same.")
input("\nPress any key to continue:")
res = send_token_request(form_values, add_headers=headers)
if __name__ == "__main__":