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Welcome ESIGate wiki pages

Table of Contents


Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ

Developer documentation

Dev_Release_Procedure : How to release a new version of ESIGate

Dev_Bug_Fixing_Procedure : How to fix a bug (required steps)

ESI_syntax_and_ESIGate_extensions : supported ESI syntax

Dev Meetings

  • #1 25/03/2013 @ Smile : Review of new features of Esigate 4 and Esigate roadmap
  • #2 04/07/2013 @ Capgemini : Mantis ticket and code review
  • #3 28/09/2013 @ Octo :
    • Recent implementations and presentations show a lot of interest in using Esigate as a website revamping tool, combined with tools like JSoup. It allows to make major changes in website without touching existing code, while adding caching and more integration. We should write a blog post on this and try to get feedback from users.
    • Default settings should be updated to prevent basic configuration/usage mistakes.
    • New multi-threaded esi processing should replace the previous code, unless performance issues are found.
    • We have one unfinished patch for HttpClient, should be completed ASAP.
    • 2 new users listed on website. We know other live or soon-live major website using esigate -> need to get in touch with these companies to get their logo on the home page.
    • Website shows increase in traffic. Spanish home page attracted Spanish-speaking visitors (x3 increase).
    • multiple mappings on a single provider will be supported thanks to latests changes on DriverFactory.
    • Metrics -used for esigate-server statistics- footprint is too big with default jetty integration when processing cached requests. Need remove some resource-intensive metrics .
    • CI jobs allow to preview the website generated from svn.
    • Need to integrate website generation (based on FAST) into the main build.

Powered by ESIGate

This is a community-managed list of sites using ESIGate. If you are using ESIGate internally or for publicly available websites, please consider adding your name/site name here.

Compatibility list

Since ESIGate is only using html comment tags, it should be compatible with any web application or web technology. The following list only shows frameworks and tools which are been used with ESIGate in successfully delivered projects.

  • Java frameworks
    • JSP
    • Struts 2
    • JSF
    • Wicket
  • CMS
    • Drupal
    • Jahia
    • eZ Publish
  • Reverse proxies
    • Varnish


Roadmap_Esigate_3 : Roadmap for ESIGate 3.0

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