A JIRA plugin for Lita
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A JIRA plugin for Lita.


Add lita-jira to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-jira"


Add the following variables to your lita config file:

config.handlers.jira.username = 'your_jira_username'
config.handlers.jira.password = 'a_password'
config.handlers.jira.site     = 'https://your.jira.instance.example.com/'

Optional attributes

  • context (string) - If your instance is in a /subdirectory, put that here. Default: ''
  • format (string) - You can select a compact one line issue summary by setting this parameter to one-line. Default: verbose
  • ambient (boolean) - When set to true, Lita will show JIRA issue details when a JIRA issue key is mentioned in chat, outside the context of a command. Default: false
  • ignore (array) - Prevent ambient JIRA issue detection in certain users' messages. Accepts user names, mention names, and IDs. Default: []
  • rooms (array) - Limit ambient JIRA issue detection to a certain list of rooms. If unspecified, the bot will respond to detected issues in all rooms.
  • use_ssl (boolean) - When set to true, an SSL connection will be used to JIRA. Set to false if you run JIRA over plain http.
config.handlers.jira.context = '/myjira'
config.handlers.jira.format = 'one-line'
config.handlers.jira.ambient = true
config.handlers.jira.ignore = ['Jira', 'Github', 'U1234']
config.handlers.jira.rooms = ['devtools', 'engineering']
config.handlers.jira.use_ssl = false



todo <project> "<subject>" ["<summary>"] - Creates an issue in <project> with <subject> and optionally <summary>
jira <issue>                             - Shows a short summary <issue>
jira details <issue>                     - Shows all details about <issue>
jira comment on <issue> <comment text>   - Adds <comment text> to <issue>
jira myissues                            - Displays a list of issues assigned to identified user


jira identify <email address> - Associate your chat user with your email address
jira forget                   - Remove your chat user / email association
jira whoami                   - Show your chat user / email association