Locking, unlocking shared resource handler for Lita.io
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Locking, unlocking shared resource handler for lita.io.


Add lita-locker to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-locker"


Optional attributes

  • per_page - The number of items to show at once when listing labels or resources. Default: 10


Lita.configure do |config|
  config.handlers.locker.per_page = 3


lita-locker allows you to define resources (such as a server, or Git repo), and labels (such as "production"). Labels can have multiple resources, and resources can be referenced by multiple labels. A label can only be locked if all of the resources it uses are available.


lock web                - Make something unavailable to others
unlock web              - Make something available to others
steal web               - Make yourself the owner of something locked by someone else
locker status web       - Show the current state of web

Locking, Unlocking, State

lock <label>                  - A basic reservation, with no time limit. Can have # comments afterwards.
unlock <label>                - Remove a reservation.  This can only be done by whomever made the request. Can have # comments afterwards.
steal <label>                 - Force removal of a reservation.  This can be done by anyone. Can have # comments afterwards.
locker give <label> to <user> - Transfer ownership of a lock to another user.  This can only be done by the lock's current owner. Can have # comments afterwards.


locker status <label or resource>  - Show the current state of <label or resource>
locker list <username>             - Show what locks a user currently holds
locker log <label>                 - Show up to the last 10 activity log entries for <label>
locker observe <label>             - Get a notification when <label> becomes available
locker unobserve <label>           - Stop getting notifications when <label> becomes available


lock <label>           - If <label> is already locked, adds you to a FIFO queue of pending reservations for <label>
locker dequeue <label> - Remove yourself from the queue for <label>


locker label list [--page N]               - List all labels
locker label create <name>                 - Create a label with <name>.
locker label delete <name>                 - Delete the label with <name>.  Clears all locks associated.
locker label add <resource> to <name>      - Adds <resource> to the list of things to lock/unlock for <name>
locker label remove <resource> from <name> - Removes <resource> from <name>
locker label show <name>                   - Show all resources for <name>


locker resource list [--page N]   - List all resources
locker resource create <name>     - Create a resource with <name>.  (Restricted to locker_admins group)
locker resource delete <name>     - Delete the resource with <name>.  Clears all locks associated.  (Restricted to locker_admins group)
locker resource show <name>       - Show the state of <name>

HTTP access

curl http://lita.example.com/locker/label/<name>    - Get current <name> status
curl http://lita.example.com/locker/resource/<name> - Get current <name> status