Pry-based enhancements for the default Rails 3 console
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Jazz Hands

Spending hours in the rails console? Spruce it up and show off those hard-working hands!

jazz_hands is an opinionated set of console-related gems and a bit of glue:

  • Pry for a powerful shell alternative to IRB.
  • Awesome Print for stylish pretty print.
  • Hirb for tabular collection output.
  • Pry Doc to browse Ruby source, including C, directly from the console.
  • Pry Git to teach the console about git. Diffs, blames, and commits on methods and classes, not just files.
  • Pry Remote to connect remotely to a Pry console.
  • Pry Debugger to turn the console into a simple debugger.
  • Pry Stack Explorer to navigate the call stack and frames.
  • Coolline and Coderay for syntax highlighting as you type. Optional. MRI 1.9.3 only


Ruby 1.9.2+, Rails 3+ only. Add to your project Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
  gem 'jazz_hands'

That's it. Run rails console as usual.

Hirb isn't enabled by default. To use, run Hirb.enable in the console.

Syntax highlighting as you type via Coolline and Coderay is disabled by default due to slightly buggy behavior. To enable, add JazzHands.enable_syntax_highlighting_as_you_type to an initializer. Only works with MRI 1.9.3.


Patches and bug reports are welcome. Just send a pull request or file an issue. Project changelog.