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title: Luca Pette - Ruby and Rails freelance developer
layout: default
description: Ruby and Rails freelance developer with a Java background
keywords: lucapette, rails, ruby, vim, freelance developer
<div class=myself>
<p>Hello, I am Luca Pette and this is my personal website. I write Ruby code with Vim and develop Rails apps on Linux. </p>
Until now, I wrote about <a href="/books.html">books</a>, <a href="/irb.html">irb</a>,
<a href="/myself.html">myself</a>, <a href="/pry.html">pry</a>, <a href="/ruby.html">ruby</a>, <a href="/rails.html">rails</a> and <a href="/vim.html">vim</a>.
<p> I'm freelancing and I'm <strong style="text-shadow: #CCC -2px 2px 1px">currently available for hiring</strong>. Feel free to get in touch. <a>Email</a> is best.</p>