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Update as of 4/26/2012

  • Introduced Mage_Backend module and relocated backend area routing model there (was Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Admin). The "adminhtml" area is also declared in the Mage_Backend module.
  • Introduced declaration of application area in config.xml with the following requirements:
    • Must declare with a router class in config/global/areas/<area_code>/routers/<router_code>/class
    • May declare config/global/areas/<area_code>/base_controller, which would enforce any controllers that serve in this area, to be descendants of the specified class
  • Refined styling of the visual design editor toolbar. Subtle improvements of toolbar usability.
  • Fetched updates from Magento 1.x up to April 11 2012. Refer to Magento 1 release notes for details

Update as of 4/13/2012

  • Implemented a tool for migrating factory table names from 1.x to 2.x. The tool replaces table names by list of names associations
  • Changed Unit tests suite running from usage AllTests.php in each directory to configuration in phpunit.xml.dist. Now all tests in {{testsuite}} directory are launched, there is no necessity to add new tests to the config
  • Implemented in Visual Desig Editor:
    • Containers highlighting
    • Dropping of elements
  • Fixed some issues:
    • Fixed sorting of elements in Layout in if element is added before its sibling
    • Fixed broken Customer Registration page on Front-End and Back-End
    • Fixed broken Order Create page on Back-End
    • Replaced usages of deprecated Mage_Customer_Model_Address_Abstract::getFormated() to Mage_Customer_Model_Address_Abstract::format()
    • Fixed elements' duplication on pages (downloadable, bundle product view)
  • Fetched updates from Magento 1 up to April 6 2012. Refer to Magento 1 release notes for details

Update as of 3/26/2012

  • Introduced concept of containers and "page types" in layout.
    • Containers replace Mage_Core_Block_Text_List and Mage_Page_Block_Html_Wrapper
    • Widgets now utilize page types and containers instead of "handles" and "block references"
  • Implemented first draft of visual design editor with the following capabilities
    • highlighting and dragging blocks and containers, toggling highlighting on/off
    • switching to arbitrary theme and skin
    • navigating to arbitrary page types (product view, order success page, etc...), so that they would be editable with visual design editor
  • Refactored various places across the system in order to accommodate transition to containers, page types and visual design editor, which includes
    • Output in any frontend controller action using layout only
    • Output in any frontend controller specifies one and only one layout handle, which equals to its full action name. There can be other handles that extend it and they are determined by layout loading parameters, provided by controller.
    • No program termination (exit) on logging in admin user
    • Session cookie lifetime is set to 0 for frontend and backend. Session will exist until browser window is open, however backend session lifetime limitation does not depend on cookie lifetime anymore.
  • Fixes:
    • Failures of tests in developer mode
    • app/etc/local.xml affected integration tests
  • Addressed pull requests and issues from Github
  • Fetched updates from Magento 1 up to March 2 2012. Refer to Magento 1 release notes for details.

Update as of 2/29/2012

  • Added jQuery to Magento 2. It has not been made a main library yet, however all new features are developed using jQuery.
  • Added support for new versions of testing tools - PHPUnit 3.6, PHPMD 1.3.0. Confirmed compatibility with latest PHPCS 1.3.2 and PHPCPD 1.3.5.
  • Improved legacy tests:
    • Refactored Integrity_ClassesTest and Legacy_ClassesTest.
    • Implemented a tool for migrating factory names from 1.x to 2.x. The tool scans PHP-code and replaces the most "popular" cases.
    • Added tests for //model in config.xml files and //*[@module] in all xml files.
    • Implemented a test that verifies the absence of relocated directories.
    • Added a test against the obsolete Varien_Profiler.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed docblock for Mage_Core_Model_Design_Package.
    • Fixed static code analysis failures related to case-sensitivity.
    • Fixed several typos and minor mistakes.
    • Fixed integration test's failures due to specifics of xpath library version.
  • Imported fresh features and bug fixes from Magento 1.x.

Additional Tests and Fixes

  • Various code integrity fixes in different places:
    • Fixed obsolete references to classes
    • Fixed broken references to template and static view files
    • Fixed some minor occurrences of deprecated code
    • Code style minor fixes
  • Various minor bugfixes
  • Implemented "developer mode" in integration tests
  • Added "rollback" scripts capability for data fixtures
  • Removed deprecated methods and attributes from product type class
  • Restructured code integrity tests:
    • Moved out part of the tests from integration into static tests
    • Introduced "Legacy" test suite in static tests. This test suite is not executed by default when running either phpunit directly or using the "batch tool"
    • Simplified and reorganized the "Exemplar" and self-assessment tests for static code analysis
  • Covered previously made backwards-incompatible changes with legacy tests
  • Changed storage of class map from a PHP-file with array into a better-performing text file with serialized array.
  • Published dev/tests/static and dev/tests/unit