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A play site that corresponds with a presentation at PHP Tek 2012

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The PHP-JavaScript Playground!

This project was created to go along with a presentation about JavaScript and Backbone.js at php|tek 2012.

You can find a demo of each stage of the project at:

Pull down the source!

Each stage of the project is separated into its own branch!

  • start - The starting point for the project
  • 01-event - The jQuery event
  • 02-global-objects-namespacing - Basic jQuery objects
  • 03-prototype - Introduction to the JavaScript prototype
  • 04-scoping - Scoping Concerns
  • 05-extends - jQuery extends
  • 06-delegate-events - Delegate events: the scholar's
  • 07-self-executing-blocks - Self-executing blocks
  • 08-backbone-view - A Backbone View
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