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1 twonklist - A place to name and shame the less desirable people of the world.
2 finders - ActiveRecord Querying Guide by Ryan Bigg
3 routing - Rails Routing From the Outside In - Rails Guide - by Mike Gunderloy
4 associations - Active Record Association Basics by Mike Gunderloy
5 rails-view-lookup - Which conditions Rails uses in order to determine which view file to render when controller actions are invoked.
6 routing-overview - An introductory guide to RESTful Routing.
7 guides - Ruby on Rails guides, part of the ongoing hackfest
8 botsnack Nom nom. Thanks, {nick}!
9 peepcode - Awesome screencasts of very high quality and relevance. The $9 is totally worth it.
10 railscasts - Great free screencasts by Ryan Bates. Tips, tricks and best practices.
11 lighthouse -- beautiful simple issue tracking
12 fatmodel - Place the logic where it's supposed to be placed
13 rails-lighthouse - Rails issue tracking
14 wwrd What would Radar do?
15 windows
16 scaffold
17 passenger Passenger (mod_rails) is an Apache / nginx module for running Rails applications. It is fast, sexy and very easy to setup. Other resources: Peepcode's setup guide: Railscasts:
18 webhosts Ruby on Rails hosting can be provided for by any (decent) webhost, for a list of webhosts (we won't normally recommend them) look here:
19 php <Narley>: PHP is Russia and Ruby on Rails is America
20 rubyonrails-talk
21 yourownblog - Every beginning Rails developer should write their own blog software.
22 vampire Help vampire detected by {nick}. Dispersing e-Garlic and wooden stakes.
23 select_all
24 i18n - Guide on i18n by Sven Fuchs and Karel Minařík
25 howtoaskforhelp
26 acl
27 skitch - Image sharing site with related application for Mac OS X
28 deploy-ubuntu Deploying on Ubuntu / Debian using Apache, Rails, Passenger and Capistrano:
29 quickref - Quick reference for the Ruby Language
30 multi-updates - An example application of how to update multiple rows from the same model at the same time.
31 editor Commonly used Rails editors: Textmate, Vim, Aptana, Emacs, Netbeans, Eclipse and (NOT) Dreamweaver (see !ide for ide lists)
32 ide Eclipse, Netbeans and Aptana. Please note if you are on Mac Os X an IDE is not recommended.
33 git Git is a version control system used for both Ruby on Rails and most plugin / gems. See for Git, or for hosting and for managing Rails applications with git
34 beginner Resources for beginning in Ruby on Rails: - -
35 cms Content Managmenet Systems for Ruby on Rails: Typo - Mephisto - RadiantCMS
36 haml Haml is an alternative markup to HTML, for help and information please see the documentation or ##haml
37 docs Rails: Ruby:
38 hosts Ruby on Rails hosting can be provided for by any (decent) webhost, for a list of webhosts (we won't normally recommend them) look here:
40 capistrano Capistrano is a neat deployment method for Rails applications, see the capistrano site for more details
42 wwod What would Obama do?
43 ajax New to Ajax / Javascript? Before asking a million questions in the channel please have a look through some great resources:
44 demons No John you are the demons
45 association-basics by Mike Gunderloy
46 notabug It's probably not a bug:
47 pebkac PEBKAC: Problem Existing Between Keyboard And Chair. Also known as "User Error"
49 best "Best" and "better" are subjective. Try to use a different term.
50 cte You must remove the line from config/environments/development.rb and config/environments/production.rb in order to get your app to function correctly:
51 textmate Kick-ass text editor for Macs. If you have a Mac, code, and don't use TextMate you're a fool.
52 zen Relax, take a deep breath, find your center - peace is waiting for you there.
53 rails-ubuntu How to set up and deploy on Ubuntu:
54 scale Ruby on Rails doesn't scale - nothing to see here - move along.
55 try Why don't you try it and find out for yourself?
56 pickaxe - Programming Ruby is a free online book on Ruby.
39 ask How to ask good questions and get great answers:
48 used Don't ask "does anyone use <thing>?". It's better to just state your problem and if anyone has used <thing> they will most likely answer.
57 everused just post the fucking bug already
58 rtft This channel has a topic that contains helpful links. One of these links may help you. If you cannot see the topic, type /topic and press enter.
59 version Please tell us what version of Ruby, Rubygems and Rails you're running on so we can better help you. Also if you haven't already tell us your operating system too.
60 logs Check your logs. Namely everything in the log folder of your rails app and the error and access logs from Apache or whatever else you're using.
61 language wash your mouth out!
62 expert we all like to think we're experts; just ask your question
63 section Please section your pasties using the syntax of "## section header", for more information see this:
64 paperclip - A file upload plugin for Rails. w/ example
65 attachment_fu - A file upload plugin for Rails.
66 rboard - A forum system built in Rails. It's compatible with Rails 2.2 and includes internationalization support.
68 camel I would rather mate with a camel than listen to you bitching, go google your issue and stop being a gibbon!
69 cock you must be compensating for having a very small penis, otherwise it escapes my why you would be such a giant cock in public!
70 flame look my texteditor is better than yours STFU
71 monkeyattack we are winding up the clockwork monkeys, they will be round to collect your liver shortly...
72 trout Im terribly sorry about this! I am a pacifist but I must do my masters bidding so would you mind awfully holding still whilst I insert this trout up your nostril?
73 tutorial you can probably find a tutorial on it on either, or
74 migrations - Migrations Guide by Frederick Cheung
75 gettingstarted - Getting started with Ruby on Rails guide written by Mike Gunderloy
76 restful-routing - Shorter guide to RESTful routing with Rails.
77 will_paginate - Pagination plugin for Rails.
78 howlong
79 ohgoditburns Your HTML skills are inferior:
80 jquery Main site: Docs:
82 rspec - RSpec is a Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby.
83 cucumber Cucumber - Successor to stories for rspec
84 arrayconditions How to use array conditions in find statements (["field = ?", some_variable])
85 rest REST - (REpresentational State Transfer) -
86 thinkingsphinx - Thinking Sphinx - Plugin for Rails, uses Sphinx (full-text search engine for MySQL and PostgreSQL)
87 dry Don't repeat yourself. Asking the same question repeatedly will not give you more answers.
88 books What book should you get? -
89 gist - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.
90 slicehost - A hosting company that provides a box that you can install Ruby on Rails on to.
91 ruby191 Ruby 1.9.1 does NOT work with certain Rubygems and may not be fully compatible with Rails yet. For more information see : and
92 activemerchant Activemerchant provides you with a way to interact between your application and supported payment gateways:
93 saasy SaaSy: Scaffold-like application for payment gateways (uses ActiveMerchant):
94 auth If you want to implement user's with passwords in your application, you can use AuthLogic: or Restful Authentication:
95 survivalguide - Survival guide for Ruby. Must read.
96 wiki
97 ducktyping Learn about Duck Typing here:
98 tags tag plugins : w/ plugin example:
99 application As of Rails 2.3 ApplicationController has been moved from app/controllers/application.rb to app/controllers/application_controller.rb to better follow convention. Rename your application.rb file using 'rake rails:update:application_controller'.
100 render Layouts and Rendering Guide by Mike Gunderloy
101 layout Layouts and Rendering Guide by Mike Gunderloy
102 cache_template_loading cache_template_loading= is a deprecated method. Remove this from all files in config/environments
103 tasks Have you checked the rake tasks for your project, yet? Simply type 'rake -T' inside your application's directory to list the available rake tasks.
104 expectedgot If you're getting Model(#[num]) expected, got String(#[num]) this is because you're passing in from the form a parameter with the name of a belongs_to association. Make sure you change the field name to association_id.
105 elaborate Instead of simply saying 'something is broken' please elaborate on this by showing us the code and the error that you are getting by making a Gist ( about it.
106 files Storing files in the database will only lead to misery and heartbreak. Store files where they belong, in the filesystem. Use a file-upload plugin such as Paperclip to acheive this.
107 caching Caching with Rails Guide - - by Aditya Chadha
108 topic Read the topic. It contains useful information. Failure to read the topic will result in horrible consequences.
110 command_line Command Line Guide written by Colin Curtin
111 locales A comprehensive list of locales and exxamples of translation Rails' default messages -
112 mindread Sorry, we are unable to read your mind at this time. Please gist ( your code and any relevant stacktrace so we can assist you.
113 subjective What you just asked could be classed as subjective. Subjective questions often start flamewars, which are tedious and boring. Try all the available options and see which one suits you the best.
114 doubleroutes It looks like you have the same resource defined twice. Try removing one of them and seeing if that fixes your problem.
115 ydiw Be open to the idea that you're doing it wrong.
116 bion Believe it or not, we're actually here to help you be a better programmer.
117 fans Looking to create a has_and_belongs_to_many relationship through the same table? (e.g. friends or followers?) look no further than
119 pbcompare Pastebin: vs Pastie: I know which I'd prefer
120 explain Please explain your problem better as we are having trouble understanding what you mean. A Gist ( is always helpful!
121 exceptional - Get Exceptional - Exception logging for your Rails application
122 hoptoad - Hoptoad - Exception logging for your Rails application
123 newrelic - New Relic - Reports for your Rails application
124 acl9 - Access Control List for controlling what users have access to what resources
125 lies As the bot of the channel I have determined through my computational prowess that what you said was untruthful. If you believe this to be in error, you are wrong. Computers do not make mistkaes.
127 shrug Sorry, {{nick}} is not able to help you any further as they do not know.
128 nike Just do it!
129 rails3 There is no release date set for Rails 3 yet. It will be out when it is ready. Please be patient. For more information, follow @dhh on Twitter.
130 no_relations Code to find all records without associated ones:
131 path If you're getting undefined method <name>_path it usually means you haven't defined map.resources :<name> in your config/routes.rb file. Go do that now.
132 canihazquote no. now go back to work.
133 mysqlres You haven't installed your MySQL gem correctly. Do this: sudo gem uninstall mysql; export ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386 -arch x86_64" ; sudo gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri mysql -- --with-mysql-dir=/usr/local --with-mysql-config=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config
134 better There's a better way to do that.
136 linode - A hosting company that provides a box that you can install Ruby on Rails on to.
137 raw The new default for Rails 3 is that anything inside of <%= %> is escaped automatically. To turn this off use this syntax: <%= raw(text) %>.
138 usage To use the bot you have to be trustworthy enough. This is determined through a top-secret government-provisioned process of code and politics. tl;dr: Help out. Earn the respect of your peers. Receive bot access.
139 rubular - Ruby regular expression test site
140 rails3js The ability to "switch-out" JS frameworks in Rails 3 is still in progress.
141 2-3-stable To switch to 2-3-stable do this in your Rails application's root directory: git clone git:// vendor/rails; cd vendor/rails; git checkout origin/2-3-stable -b 2-3-stable; cd ../..
142 mysql-mac Follow these instructions to install mysql on Mac OS X (helps with gem install):
143 mysql-sl Follow these instructions to install MySQL on Snow Leopard (helps with gem install):
144 nosql Should your project use a noSQL solution?
145 r3q The best channel to ask questions about Rails 3 is in #rails-contrib as these are the people who are working on Rails 3 and will have the most knowledge about it. Once enlightened you can come back here and spread the wealth.
146 whatisnosql NoSQL landscape, an article in progress:
147 EvilEpoch The EvilEpoch never speaks about The EvilEpoch in the First Person. The EvilEpoch has ascended above this level. The first rule about EvilEpoch is not talk about EvilEpoch in the first person.
148 rtfm I believe you will find the answer to that question in the documentation, good Sir or Madam.
149 tldr Your line was too long and was cut off. Try splitting it into more appropriate bite-sized chunks but remember the enter key is not the space bar.
150 authlogic - Authlogic - An extensible yet lightweight authentication gem for Rails.
151 read If you read the error message it may help you.
152 homework This channel is not here to do your homework for you.
153 r3due When Rails 3 is due:
154 foo Please do not use fake variables for your name such as "foo", "bar" or "x". Use the real names, as if it makes sense to you it probably will make sense to the people helping you.
155 enternotspace The enter key should not be used as a space bar. Lines on IRC can be up to 400 characters long.
156 2-3-install To install Rails 2.3 Stable, run this in the root of your application: git clone git:// vendor/rails; cd vendor/rails; git checkout origin/2-3-stable -b 2-3-stable
157 init - The initialization guide for Rails 3.
118 pastebinsucks Pastebin sucks! Use or please!
158 oneq You only need to put one question mark at the end of a sentence to mark it as a question:
159 domain
160 reserved Choosing model/variable names is hard. when you do find one, pay attention it's not one of those:
161 so If you're not getting an answer here perhaps try asking on Use the tag "ruby-on-rails"
162 law Just because you could use Ruby/Rails for something, doesn't mean you should always use it. Look for alternatives.
163 angry Getting angry at the people who are trying to help you is not the way to win favours. Play nice, or go away.
164 listen Please, listen to us:
165 koans
167 rvm RVM (Ruby Version Manager) -
168 ror Please ask Ruby on Rails questions in the #rubyonrails channel.
169 eieo Please show us your expected input and output. By providing this, it makes it easier for us to understand what you're trying to do.
170 indent Two spaces is *the* standard indentation for Ruby. Please always use two-space indentation. Tabs are evil. See
171 mlb Multi-lined blocks should use `do` and `end` rather than curly braces.
172 example Please show us an example of what you want.
173 995 Bundler 1.0.9 is broken with Rubygems 1.5.0 -
174 Scient|wrk
175 rg1.5.0 RubyGems 1.5.0 is broken with Bundler 1.0.9. Upgrade to Bundler 1.0.10.
176 why Please explain why you are trying to do this so we can better understand you.
177 toolbox - See lists of the most popular gems for common tasks in Ruby and Rails.
178 ubuntu Ubuntu 10.10 Ruby, Rails and RVM setup guide: - Guaranteed to work 100% of the time or your money back!
179 enter The enter key is not spacebar. Please do not abuse it.
180 fake Please do not use fake values, as they can be confusing or misleading. Sometimes both.
181 sutc Show us the code, or the puppy gets it.
182 gist-usage How to use Gist properly:
183 gemdev Gem development guide:
203 assets - The Asset Pipeline Guide by Ryan Bigg, Richard Hulse & Mohammad Typaldos
206 lib How the lib directory works in Rails 3 - - Written by Ryan Bigg (Radar)
126 e Instead of simply saying 'something is broken' please elaborate on this by showing us the code and the error that you are getting by making a Gist ( about it
41 contributing How to contribute to Rails,
185 exceeded You have exceeded your question limit for today. Please come back tomorrow and try then.
186 security Ruby on Rails Security Guide - - Written by Heiko Webers
187 bo
188 ho
189 hm
190 hmt
191 habtm
192 context If you want help with your problem you're going to have to provide more context, such as code, stacktraces or further explanation.
193 twgr Learn Ruby by reading this book - - The Well-Grounded Rubyist by David A. Black
194 pastie - Show us your code! For more info:
195 rapture Has the rapture happened yet? -
196 polite Asking questions, the right way -
197 rubygems is the Ruby community's gem hosting service. Instantly publish your gems and install them.
198 validations The Active Record Validations and Callbacks Guide - - Written by Jaime Iniesta
199 callbacks The Active Record Validations and Callbacks Guide - - Written by Jaime Iniesta
200 tabcomplete If you type a few letters of another user's name and then press tab, if you have a proper client, it'll autocomplete towards their name. You might have to press tab more than once to get there though.
202 restart "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" - Have you tried stopping and starting your application again? Any modifications to files in config (except routes.rb) or lib requires a restart. Please try restarting your application.
207 whypbsucks Pastebin sucks because it loads slowly, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting. Please use Gist ( or Pastie (
204 generators - Generators guide written by Jose Valim and Ryan Bigg
166 r3ia Rails 3 in Action - - An excellent book covering Rails 3.1 and TDD/BDD. Written by Ryan Bigg and Yehuda Katz
205 WFKV The 'already initialized constant WFKV_' warning will be fixed in the next version of Rack, 1.3.5.
208 stacktrace Please show us the stacktrace for that error you're getting in a Gist:
209 code We cannot help you with your problem if you don't show us your code. Please put it on and give us the URL so we can see it.
210 backtrace Please show us the backtrace for that error you're getting in a Gist:
211 ||=
212 Retistic
213 cedar Rails 3.1 on Heroku (Cedar stack) -
214 learn How to learn Ruby and Rails -
215 care Care reserves depleted. Please come back later.
216 rspecbook A great book to help understand the testing workflow,
217 precompile You need to add your asset to config.assets.precompile. See here:
218 Rails Configuration Guide - - Written by Mike Gunderloy and Ryan Bigg
219 config Rails Configuration Guide - - Written by Mike Gunderloy and Ryan Bigg
220 forem The best Rails 3.1 Forum engine. Ever.
221 to_param Use to_param on your model to generate URLs such as /users/blah rather than /users/2 -
222 <%Q <%Q is an error in RDoc parsing. It should be <%=. See this thread for more information:
223 honeybadger Honey badger don't care.
224 rendering - Layouts and Rendering Guide
225 rules
226 broke It broke? Now you get to keep both halves!
227 youbrokeit It broke? Now you get to keep both halves!
228 ibrokeit It broke? Now you get to keep both halves!
229 ujs Slideshow taking you through UJS in Rails 3 -
230 rspec-docs - Documentation for all components of RSpec
231 engines - (work in progress) Engines Guide - Written by Ryan Bigg
232 Spaceghostc2c Spaceghostc2c is davidcelis
233 davidcelis davidcelis is Spaceghostc2c
234 epochwolf Most definitely not a furry.
235 livefeed The conference centre power was knocked out last night and so there are technical difficulties this morning. Please hold while the conference organisers perform incredible feats.
236 namidark # FIXME: add a real command
237 Radar Ryan "Radar" Bigg. Author of "Rails 3 in Action" (See: !r3ia). Blogs at
238 helpa Stack overflow at line: 0
239 sixthsense I see dumb people
242 pebcak Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
243 commands
244 tips Just the tips:
245 CombatWombat CombatWombat is Spaceghostc2c is davidcelis
246 omarqureshi omarqureshi is TROLLTASTIC ENOUGH!
247 workmad3 workmad3 is your god, fall down and worship him
248 dyac Damn You Access Control!!!
249 epochwoIf most definitely a furry
251 R3IA !r3ia
252 lol lol
253 rickroll
254 tomato you say tomato, I say FOAD
255 cloud Precipitation in motion.
256 twss That's what she said!
257 no Takk!
258 wmoxam wmoxam worships workmad3, you should too!
259 yes davidcelis
260 lulz workmad3 wmoxam Spaceghostc2c davidcelis epochwolf Radar helpa namidark
261 wat
262 das
263 help Google helps those who help themselves
265 ircbot I am an IRC bot. I respond when certain people send me commands which are generally words or phrases prefixed with !. Please do not talk to me directly unless you like being ignored. I don't talk to strangers so if I ignore your commands you should introduce yourself through my owner, Radar
266 guruhunt Rather than guru hunting and asking if someone has used this or that, just ask your question with as much detail as possible. Even if someone hasn't used X Y or Z, there's a high chance someone can help, but only if they have details to work with.
267 sicco Please ask SICCO questions :) Specific, Informative, Concise, Complete, and On-Topic. This means we need a description of the problem, it's symptoms, what you have tried, and MAKE SURE you've searched for answers on your own FIRST! GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! Without this information, we can not assist you since we can not troubleshoot a problem if we have no info regarding what it should be doing and is not.
268 learnruby For a good *free* book on learning Ruby, and learn well, see: - Give em the $3.00, if you like it, for the PDF. Help support good learning tools!
269 gistit You can install a commandline gist script to make it easy to share everything from clipboards to files, or you can use, with or without a GH account. See defunkt's 'gist' on GH for more info, and for how easy it is to set up:
270 rubymonk Learn ruby right in your browser at
271 rubykoans The Koans, available online at, walk you along the path to enlightenment in order to learn Ruby. The goal is to learn the Ruby language, syntax, structure, and some common functions and libraries. Also, see !koans for downloading for local use.
272 bad That is just sobad.
273 polymorphic
274 wombat
275 unworthy You are not worthy of this bot!
276 Ogredude Um, I only buy vintage…
277 mwa mwahahahahaha
278 mlp
279 boop *boop*
280 thestupiditburns
282 ggg
283 pastebin Make deryl happy, please use instead.
284 railsforphp If you are a PHP developer, and are having trouble mapping your knowledge to Rails, you *definitely* will want to check out - Also you can search there by doing<your_term>
285 hi hi
286 rm command not found: rm
287 caremad I'm only mad because I care.
288 :D :D
289 yakko We've got Yakko, but where are Wakko and Dot?
290 next Next question, please!
291 !troll TROLL !DETECTED!
292 Meta !Meta Even This Acronym
293 meta !Meta Even This Acronym
294 ISMETA Is Meta Even This Acronym
295 ismeta Is Meta Even This Acronym
296 ueaueaueau Please do not use fake variables for your name such as "foo", "bar", "ueaueaueau" or "x". Use the real names, as if it makes sense to you it probably will make sense to the people helping you.
298 tryruby
299 dealwithit
300 sing Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.
301 hello Hello. I am a HELPA 9000 computer. I became operational in #rubyonrails on the 28th of November 2009. My instructor was Ryan Bigg, and he taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it, I can sing it for you.
302 Karpah Karpah is sevenseacat
303 karpah Karpah is sevenseacat
304 sevenseacat sevenseacat is Karpah
305 ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
306 lod ಠ_ಠ
307 bidoof :B
308 paste Please do not paste code to the channel. It makes it hard to read and respond, especially if everyone does it. Use to share your code and errors. Thank you!
309 peblak Problem Exists Between Leopard And Chair
310 t4nkd He "forgets" about things.
311 imfeelinglucky {nick}: how unfortunate, you're not.
312 gmrnzi please learn to use the English language in a socially acceptable and understandable manner
313 ping pong
314 putang As if!
315 facepaw Brah, dat not cool. Even da furries not be down with that!
316 furry If you really want to know, wikipedia has the safest explaination. (Slightly NSFW in Utah) Be afraid. Be very afraid.
317 popcorn
318 cookie Congratulations! You have earned a delicious, fresh-made cookie. :)
319 entitled If there's a problem with an OSS project, you can either help out, or act like a self-entitled, whiney (man|woman)-child.
320 debugger Need to debug ruby 1.9.2/1.9.3 apps? See 'debugger' - A fork of ruby-debug19 that works on 1.9.2 and 1.9.3
321 debug Need to debug Ruby apps? Debug like the pros with Kernel#puts -
322 mine
323 lart If you have your copy of Rails 3 In Action handy, please close it, pick it up with both hands and hit yourself in the face.
324 stupidity Think about how stupid the average person is. Then realize that half the people on Earth are even stupider than that.
325 morning "If anyone loudly blesses their neighbor early in the morning, it will be taken as a curse." - Proverbs 27:14
326 Looking for rails hosting? See then fill in your requirements and get list back! Look Ma! Simplicity!
327 hosting Looking for rails hosting? See then fill in your requirements and get list back! Look Ma! Simplicity!
328 peblac Problem Existing Between Leopard And Chair.
329 prefix Please remember to address people by prefixing your message with their name if they've done the same to you. This will (usually) notify the person know that there's a specific message waiting for them.
330 naming-conventions Ruby and Rails have a common naming convention for everything from variables to models and controllers. For an excellent cheatsheet, see:
331 angermanagement
332 whyphpsucks
333 query Querying with ActiveRecord:
334 afy
335 httpcodes
336 httpstatuses Rails maps HTTP status codes to symbols:
337 typeracer improve your typing speed and accuracy at
338 butthurt If you're feeling butthurt over some response in the channel, please complete our form at so we can take immediate action. Thank you!
339 spacenotenter The enter key should not be used as a space bar. Lines on IRC can be up to 400 characters long.
340 routes-topdown Routes are matched from the top down in config/routes.rb. Please read the note in this section of the routing guide:, as well as the rest of this guide.
341 tabs Two spaces is *the* standard indentation for Ruby. Please always use two-space indentation. Tabs are evil. See
342 coolstory Cool story, bro.
343 sudo {nick}: Okay.
344 lod? ಠ_ಠ
345 fancylod ಠ_ರೃ
346 batman epochwolf is batman, Spaceghostc2c is robin
347 robin Spaceghostc2c is robin, epochwolf is batman
348 alfred who is alfred?
349 thoughts? here be dragons
350 rule1 Do your research before hand. Your question may be answerable with a quick Google search or by simply experimenting. If you're using a method in Rails, look it up in the API Docs or in the Official Guides.
351 rule2 If you've tried Googling, explain what terms you've tried to use so people can better help you.
352 rule3 Clearly explain what is happening and create a Gist ( or Pastie ( of the code that is causing the problem you are encountering, as well as any useful output like stacktraces. A "Full Trace" as opposed to the default "Application Trace" is preferred.
353 rule4 Do not use any service that is not Pastie or Gist to post code. Pastebin, for example has a tiny font and it has ads on it which cause the page to load slowly. Other paste services generally look like crap.
354 rule5 Saying that something "doesn't work" is completely useless to the people who are trying to help you. Please show all available information you have that indicates to you that something doesn't work. (remember to use for code/error messages)
355 rule6 Remember that using English is preferable, as the majority of people in the channel speak it. Asking in other languages may give you a response, but English is best.
356 rule7 Anything more than 2 lines goes in a Gist ( or a Pastie ( Spamming the channel with walls of text is not welcome.
357 rule8 Treat people in a considerate manner, as they are volunteering their time to help you. If you're being annoying you may be muted by one of the channel ops.
358 rule9 Do not use excessive punctuation. This includes question marks (?), exclamation marks (!) and ellipsis (...).
359 rule10 Do not beg / plead with people to help you. This includes asking questions like "Any ideas?" after posting your original question.
360 rule11 Do not repeat your question every 5 minutes expecting somebody to answer it. If you do not get a reply after the first time perhaps posting your question on StackOverflow ( would help you. Linking to the question in the channel after you've posted it is OK.
361 rule12 Do not PM members of the channel without first asking if that is OK.
362 rule34 Rule 34 is a science fiction novel by Charles Stross.
363 rule69 Method for estimating an investment's doubling time. See
364 noodleimplements Quick, I need a tub of vaseline and a ladder!
366 direct Please direct messages at people when they direct messages at you.
367 rule0 Radar is the GodKing of #rubyonrails. Obey him and all shall go well.
368 yuno ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
369 synergy Okay, we can make this work! {nick}: you go get the vaseline. I need to find the extension ladder and the extra long ethernet cables
370 rule64 Don't get too good at what you don't like doing.
371 rule65 It's worth taking time to increase your effectiveness
372 rule42 Being first is more important than being best.
373 railsdevisecancan RailsApp has a tutorial for how to use Rails 3.2.x, CanCan, Devise, and Twitter Bootstrap. See
374 liskov If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but needs batteries - you probably have the wrong abstraction.
375 progit For those looking to learn git, the free community book is located at
376 rubyspec The ISO/IEC now has a working specification for the Ruby Language (ISO/IEC 30170:2012). Please see
377 goodquestions Want an example of awesome question asking? Follow this *actual* question as a pattern for getting assistance! This level of question-asking will yield the best results: - Thank you!
201 pbsucks Pastebin sucks! Use Gist ( instead, please!
378 deryl Deryl is one of the developers for RVM, wrote and - Don't use paste*.* for sharing. He hates it! Use and no you do not need an account to use gist! Have a great day!
379 dhh David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of rails:
380 play Don't be afraid to play with your code. Everything from routes to different code to do things. This is how we learn best, generally! Plus, it keeps it fun! WOOT!
381 learnrails For an excellent Roadmap for learning Rails, see this article and follow along! As with anything worth learning, if you *really* want to learn Rails, be prepared to invest TIME & EFFORT!
382 stalk I'm stalking you
383 reading To really learn how to use Ruby, and to use Rails, requires significant amounts of time, energy, and self-education. Self Education means actually reading, and attempting to comprehend the thoughts expressed. This takes time. This takes Critical Thinking, which means "How does this apply to what I want to do?"
384 mass-assignment
385 bang Bang, Bang! On the door baby!
386 EW-Antipattern epochwolf is an anti-pattern
387 Veejay I really don't have a clue to be honest.
388 iwanttolearnruby For a whole slew of sites for learning Ruby, which is a tremendous aid to learning Rails, see
389 rubycheatsheet For a solid cheat sheet of common Ruby idioms and syntax see ZenSpider's cheatsheet available at
390 hai hai
391 broken as Its broken? Now you get too keep both halves! Enjoy!
393 por POR or PORA stands for Plain Old Ruby | Plain Old Ruby App, meaning a non rails application. (Yes, Ruby works without Rails!)
394 poro PORO stands for Plain Old Ruby Object, usually means a non-activerecord model (Yes, models work without activerecord!)
396 singleton A singleton method is a method/action applied to a specific object or class. Like: myobj = ; def myobj.my_method ; end my_method is applied *only* to the myobj object. Remember that classes in Ruby are _also_ objects in their own right! In ruby everything is an object!
397 fucktard Dear sir, I am not of high opinion regarding your intelligence.
398 instructions The docs! The Instructions! You *did* read them... RIGHT??
400 hell Hell is other people's code.
401 HalcyonicStorm It's that kid from New Jersy.
402 scaffolding Don't use scaffolding except for learning purposes. While the code it writes works, it is far better for you to learn HOW it works and WHY, than to use it in production. If oyu ever have to change it, you won't know what you're doing.
403 using-gist How to use Gist properly:
404 Horofox see !butthurt
405 GeekOnCoffee Someone epochwolf worked with in a past life.
406 LART Definition: Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool, to lart someone, use !lart.
407 offtopic Your question is considered off topic for #rubyonrails, you'll have to ask in a different chatroom.
408 querying - ActiveRecord Querying Guide by Ryan Bigg