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rubymotion documentation project

How to Contribute

This repo is the product of generating the build branch using StrangeCase, and then pushing the result to the master branch.

  1. Clone this repo

     git clone

    You will be in the build branch, which is where you will edit the templates and such.

  2. Install StrangeCase using pip:

     pip install strangecase
  3. Clone again, specifying the master branch, into the public/ folder. When you commit and push this folder, your changes will be made live, and this is also the folder that is served using the scase --serve command. If you run a webserver locally, it is faster to point it to this folder than to use the built-in serve command.

     git clone -b master public

    The downside is that we have this "two branch" system, whereas using jekyll you can just have one branch, and site is generated by github. But if you want to work locally, you need to install jekyll, so you end up pretty much the same either way.

  4. Run StrangeCase

     scase --watch

    The files will be generated in the public/ folder within the project folder. Run a server in that folder, or use the StrangeCase built-in serve command (which you run from the project folder, not the public/ folder). In another tab or terminal window, cd to and run:

     scase --serve
  5. Make changes, commit to build, push, and create a pull request. Someone will pull, generate the site again locally, and then push to master so that the site is visible to the world.


I would like to make this process easier! Way too many steps. A Rakefile with these tasks would be super great.

Why StrangeCase?

Because I (colinta) am creating these documents, and I created StrangeCase! But the irony of using a python project to generate documentation that is aimed at rubyists is not lost on me. I would prefer to be using jekyll. Please fork and make us a jekyll version. I promise it will get merged in.