SLIME inspired tmux integration plugin for Vim
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This is a SLIME inspired tmux integration plugin for Vim. It makes it easy to interact with different tmux panes directly from Vim. It has two styles for interacting with panes. REPL and Shell styles.

REPL commands are designed to work with various Read Eval Print Loops such as python, irb (Ruby), node (Javascript), coffee (CoffeeScript) etc. This is loosely modelled after SLIME for Emacs. Shell commands are designed to work with normal shells such as bash. These are useful for running tests for example.

Main difference between these is pane configuration visibility. Each buffer has own configuration for REPL, but for Shell there is only one global configuration. The configuration is prompted from user when the commands are used for the first time. The configuration happens interactively. You will see list of available tmux panes and you can choose one by hitting enter on top of one.

Also REPL commands can have custom pre, post and escape hooks. These allows interaction with some more complex REPLs such as the CoffeeScript REPL.

This plugin borrows ideas and some code from vim-slime.

Blog post screencast


Use pahtogen and put files to $HOME/.vim/bundle/slimux/

Slimux requires fairly recent tmux version. Be sure you have 1.5.x or later.

REPL Commands


Send current line to configured pane.


Send last visually selected text to configured pane.


Prompt pane configuration for current buffer.

Shell Commands


Promt for a shell command and send it to configured tmux pane.


Rerun last shell command.


Prompt global pane configuration for the shell commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Slimux does not force any shortcuts on your Vim, but here's something you can put to your .vimrc

map <Leader>s :SlimuxREPLSendLine<CR>
vmap <Leader>s :SlimuxREPLSendSelection<CR>
map <Leader>a :SlimuxShellLast<CR>

Or if you like something more Emacs Slime style try something like this:

map <C-c><C-c> :SlimuxREPLSendLine<CR>
vmap <C-c><C-c> :SlimuxREPLSendSelection<CR>

You may also add shortcuts to other commands too.

Adding support for new languages

Usually new there is no need to do anything. For example Ruby and Node.js REPLs works just fine out of box, but for some languages you have to do some preprocessing before the code can be sent. There are three hooks you can specify for each language.

Custom escaping function

function SlimuxEscape_<filetype>(text)
    return a:text

Pre send hook

function SlimuxPre_<filetype>(target_pane)

Post send hook

function SlimuxPost_<filetype>(target_pane)

Just add these to ftplugin directory contained within this plugin (and sent a pull request on Github!). You can use Python and CoffeeScript hooks as examples.

Other Vim Slime plugins

Before I created this plugin I tried several others, but non of them satisfied me. They where too complicated or just didn't support the languages I needed. So if Slimux isn't your cup of tea, maybe one of these is: