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===================== Additional Info

Blog Article about CRM, SugarCRM and ways to customise Sugar:

============== SugarCRM

Make sure you have the "Accounts" module in SugarCRM as not required. How?

  1. In config_override.php add $sugar_config['require_accounts'] = false;
  2. On the Admin area runa "Quick Repair and Rebuild"

Then install the module ( from your SugarCRM Module Loader.

The module will replace the current "Type" field options on Cases with the options "Support" and "Announcement" The module will also create a new custom fields "Customer Number" in Contacts and add it to the layouts

================= CodeIgniter


  • Clone Codeigniter-Bootstrap ( that contains already Codeigniter v2.1.3
  • Clone my Codeigniter code inside "applications/portal"
  • Edit the main index.php, changing $application_folder to: $application_folder = 'application/portal';
  • Then edit application/portal/controller/main.php with your SugarCRM url, username and password

NB: My code includes already the REST wrapper by Asa Kusuma "sugar_rest.php" (

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