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WASM (Webassembly) support

Important note: to run the Webassembly demo Go 1.13 is required!

Thanks to the syscall/js package included into the Go code base, Pigo has been ported to WASM 🎉. This gives a huge gain in terms of real time performance.

This means that there is no need anymore to run it in a Python environment as a shared library. For more details check the project description from the Readme file and also this blog post.

How to run it?

First download and build the serve package for making a simple webserver. Then simply type the $ make to build the wasm file and start the webserver. That's all. It will open a new page under http://localhost:5000/.

In case the lib.wasm is not generated automatically you can build yourself by running the following command:

$ GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o lib.wasm wasm.go

Supported keys:

s - Show/hide pupils
c - Toggle circle/rectangle detection mark
f - Show/hide facial landmark points (hidden by default)

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