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Desktop application for Triangle.
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Triangle is the desktop application of built on top of electron. It communicates with a backend server written in Go. For this reason you have to make sure Go is installed.

Install Go

After instalation set your GOPATH, and make sure $GOPATH/bin is on your PATH.

$ export GOPATH="$HOME/go"
$ export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"

Install & build the application

In case you do not want to build the application yourself you can jump straight to the release page and download the executable file. Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu are supported. Otherwise, you can build the application yourself.


$ git clone
$ yarn install

Note: the app was compiled, bundled and build using node.js v8.9.1. It's strongly recommend to use yarn instead of npm (i got some strange issues during the build process using npm).

The following commands are supported:

$ yarn run
- build
  react-scripts build
- dev
  nf start -p 3000
- dist
  yarn run build && electron-builder
- eject
  react-scripts eject
- electron
  electron .
- make
  electron-forge make
- pack
  electron-builder --dir
- package
  electron-forge package
- publish
  electron-forge publish
- start
  react-scripts start


  • To run the electron application:
$ yarn run dev
  • To bundle the application with webpack:
$ yarn run build

Note: this is required in case you wish to start the electron application with $ electron command.

  • To build the binary files:
$ yarn run dist

This command generates the binary files depending on the current operating system.


Open a terminal window and start the image server by selecting the folder where the Go project was installed and type:

$ go run server.go triangle.go



This project is under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

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