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Generate source files that contains maven artifact informations
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artifactinfo-maven-plugin generate java code with constants containing maven project metadata for use in you programs.

The project is hosted in maven central. here you'll find a quick copy/paste for the dependency.

Very simple to use:

  • it has only one goal : artifactinfo
  • without configuration is use sensible defaults reusing groupId and artifactId for package and class name
  • you can override default package name with the packageName configuration parameter
  • you can override default class name with the className configuration parameter

Code generated by default:


public abstract class ArtifactId
    public final static String GROUPID = "#groupId#";
    public final static String ARTIFACTID = "#artifactId#";
    public final static String VERSION = "#version#";
    public final static String DESCRIPTION = "#description#";
    public final static String NAME = "#name#";
    public final static String URL = "#url#";
    public final static String INCEPTION_YEAR = "#inceptionYear#";
    public final static long BUILD_TIMESTAMP = #buildTimestamp#L;
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