Scripts I use to ease my Qi4j development
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Clone and add the bin folder to your $PATH.

Theses scripts are mostly tryouts written in shell script as I am comfortable with sh. Some could be ported to the Qi4j build system once proven useful.


This command can be run from any directory containing a Qi4j build.gradle file.

qi4j-build [-p group:project] command [flags]

  -p Select the target project
    group can be core, library, extension, tool, sample or tutorial
    project is the base name of the targeted submodule

Available commands
    clean            Clean output
    test             Run tests
    install          Install only main artifacts
    devinstall       Install javadoc and sources artifacts
    distinstall      Install distributions archives

Available flags
    skipTests        Skip tests

    qi4j-build clean
    qi4j-build devinstall
    qi4j-build library:servlet test
    qi4j-build extension:entitystore-file test
    qi4j-build libraries install
    qi4j-build extensions install
    qi4j-build distinstall