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sked contains java code related to scheduling
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sked contains java code related to scheduling.

Cron expression parsing is based on the GNU crontab manpage that can be found here:

The following extensions are used:

  • a mandatory field is added at the begining: seconds.
  • a special string is added: @minutely
  • a special character is added: ? to choose between dayOfMonth and dayOfWeek

The ? special char has the same behavior as in the Quartz Scheduler expression. The wikipedia page explains Quartz Scheduler expression, not simple cron expressions. You'll find there about the ? special char and maybe that some other extensions you would like to use are missing in this project.

The project is hosted in maven central. Here you'll find a quick copy/paste for the dependency.


sked-2.1 - Released 2014/01/12

  • Made SLF4J dependency optional
  • Starting with this version, sked has zero dependencies

sked-2.0 - Released 2014/01/11

  • Removed Joda-Time dependency, now using plain old java.util.Calendar only
  • Changed package!
  • Minor optimisations

sked-1.2 - Released 2011/02/07

  • Added a CronScheduleFactory with convenience methods to ease cron expression generation
  • CronSchedule instances are now Serializable.

sked-1.1 - Released 2010/12/31

  • Fixed a corner case bug in CronSchedule.firstRunAfter( timestamp ) when timestamp is less than a second ahead of previous run

sked-1.0 - Released 2010/12/12

  • Initial release, do not use, contains a bug fixed in 1.1
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