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Have you ever thought

Damn, I wish I could check the status of my local bike sharing network on a terminal

Well, now with cmdbikes you can!


This is a silly client to showcase python-citybikes, a python wrapper for the Citybikes API. You can learn more about the project at

If your network is not supported, add an issue or a PR on pybikes.


$ pip install cmdbikes


$ cmdbikes show --help
Usage: cmdbikes show [OPTIONS] ADDRESS

  Display status of station on a given address.

  --geocode / --no-geocode  Geocode station positions into a readable address
  -n INTEGER                Number of stations to show.
  --color / --no-color      Use colors on output
  --json                    Return JSON representation
  --help                    Show this message and exit.

Check the list of supported networks

$ cmdbikes ls
Argentina [2]
├ Buenos Aires (Ecobici)
└ Rosario (Mi bici tu bici)

Australia [4]
├ Melbourne (Melbourne Bike Share)
├ Brisbane (CityCycle)
├ Curtin University, Perth, WA (Curtin Bike Share)
└ Melbourne, AU (Monash BikeShare)

Austria [23]
├ Wien (Citybike Wien)
├ Wachau (LEIHRADL)